When work is a pleasure…


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Don’t you think that what you do every day could be the most wonderful thing? Work to be everything you dream of. It’s the only thing you have to do – just work what you really love. Its sounds very easy, but it’s really hard in practice, because many factors do not depend on us.

Every day I hear people around me who are always complaining that they have to go to work again. This is another nasty day that they have to stay at the office, imitating concern to the workflow and the company, only to get their monthly salary. So day after day, month after month, year after year, they get to the point to realize that the whole life has slipped away in front of their eyes.

I say all this with one aim – cherish and save your time and your life, friends. Work only what you want to, what you love, with passion and you will be really successful in your career. If you are dissatisfied with something – change it.

MintStories has never been a job for me but always a funny and wonderful hobby. Sometimes it takes more than eight hours a day to do something related to the project but I have the whole time for me after that. As behind every good idea stands always a group of people who will say “give it up” and “it’s not a good idea” and I was advised to do the same. The point is to believe in yourself and your abilities and not to be afraid of making your dreams come true. There will always be “friends” who will tell you that “something like this” can’t be done here but the choice and the risk is only yours. When work is a pleasure, life is a joy!

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Photographer – Kaloyan Hristov

Makeup – Boryana Stefanova

Pants/short top  – Cliché

Watch /necklace – Oxette

Place – Paradise Center

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