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Hey guys, I’m Tina, the newest member of MintStories and I will be happily in charge for the Lifestyle category. In today’s post, I want to share with you guys some of the essential things I bring along with me when I am discovering the world. One of the things I love the most is travelling, I find it not only so pleasant and enjoyable but I think that I learn a lot more about so many things just by going to one place to another, than sitting and reading or being at the same place or city every day.

I will be showing you a travel kit from NUXE today. This is more like a travel kit for skin maintaining so it is only a part of the whole travel kit. I chose this set because it is not only very convenient, with the right size and amount, but NUXE is known for its high quality skin care natural products. Plus, I am always into French cosmetics. : )


The first thing I really liked is the Crème Fraîche de Beauté which is for sensitive to normal skin – soothes, freshens and moisturizes. I am using it in the morning after I wash my face and before I take off to somewhere. The smell is pleasant and it is not too much and has no parabens and 93% natural ingredients. I use it mainly for my face because I have the next one NUXE REVE DE MIEL which I apply on my whole body, it is for dry to sensitive skin and of course, the hydration in this product is really on point. It contains honey, sunflower and botanical oils which repairs and makes your skin gentle and soft. I personally like the smell of this one better.

IMG_5936-1 IMG_5935-1

The next thing which in this kit is the Huile Prodigieuse multi-purpose dry oil which is one of NUXE’s best seller. To be honest, I have never used this kind of oil before, it can be applied in many ways for your face, prettier lips, and the perfect make up, satin-smooth body skin and for a glamorous and beautiful soft hair. (If you are interested in some of the ways how to apply it, comment down below) 6 types of oils and vitamin E, 98,8% of natural ingredients with no preservatives. For an addition, there is a small perfume inspired by this oil and has the same aroma.

IMG_5944-1 IMG_5938-1

Another essential thing in my must-have-with-me is a makeup remover. In this set I have Micellar cleansing water with rose petals. It does a great job, I really love how well it cleans all the dirt out of my face, better than many other products but the only thing that I am not happy with is that it slightly burns my eyes when I remove my eyes makeup, maybe because of the rose essentials. It is also suitable for people who wear lenses.

I also have a Prodigieux Shower Oil which gently cleanses the skin. Just apply it on your skin, massage and rinse.

IMG_5949-1 IMG_5950-1

In general, I regret not having this travel kit earlier during the winter when my skin was so dry and in a worse condition. Of course it is great for the summer too but I feel like it would be a worth it combo combination and a powerful treatment during the chilly winter.



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