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This won’t be a typical post because there won’t be a word about clothes and outfits in it. Today we are going to tell you about the person who stays in the shadows of his creations. Why? Well, he does all the things that you see on this blog but he doesn’t like showing himself much. His photos are his soul but not his face. This person is our photographer – Kaloyan Hristov (Kalo). He didn’t concede easily for such a post but to be honest we didn’t ask him much either.

Why did we decide to write about him in particular? Would you believe that without him, none of this would exist right now? It might sound like an overstatement but the truth is that it is difficult to gather a team in which the only driving force is the passion about something. Photography was the thing that brought us together and he became our photographer. Only 22 years old and full of desire to BE rather than merely to HAVE. Kalo is an example of a person who has overgrown his age. Here I am not talking about experience which is something that only age can give. I am talking about something simple but at the same time not very common. When our photographer gives a word – this means everything. When he says that something will be done, it gets done. Driving force for him is his professionalism in being honest, serious, punctual and devoted to what he is doing. However, he also approaches his work with an incredible sense of humor, creativity and energy. He brings a smile to our faces even in the gloomiest of days.


Kaloyan has never studied modern photography. When he was 20 years old he founded his own photographic studio which became his school in life. He had never shot people before but now he dreams of a cover in Vogue. Photography is not something that he works, it is something that he feels. “If you can’t feel what you are doing then others will never feel anything when they look at your photos.”

Thank you, Kalo, for your inspiration.


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