The classic colours – caramel beige by “Megz”


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Hey guys, a very successful month for me, the blog and my team has been over. We started our new column – “Lifestyle” which Tina Nguyen will be the author of. You will meet her soon. Let me tell you that her origin is Vietnamese, and she is also a unique culinary critique and loves fashion. We started to post 2 times a week and hopefully going up to 3. Thank you for the support, folks.

May will be dedicated to the classic colors: beige, black, white and red. I will dedicate one post per week about these combinations.

Beinge is my favourite color. It is so warm, casual, classic, stylish, natural, caramel. It reminds me of the sands on the beach, of the tender and nice skin which the sun shines on. It is as well such an elegant colors like black. Combining it is quite simple. The skin beige is one of the most casual colors which can go well with every color or shade and it can also be perfect by itself. Here I have a long dress (by Megz), which practically contains a long beige skirt and white shirt with naked back. Interesting classical combination which you can wear it everyday or on the beach and why not for the evenings? With an addition of a double brown belt, you don’t really need any other accessory or jewelry. Maybe count to the simple and casual outfit this summer.

To be continued…

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