The blue light and how it affects us


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I first heard about the influence of the blue light when I picked out a pair of nice computer glasses and from the optics I got recommended the BlueControl coated glasses. They are best suited to people like me and Kalo who spend a lot of their daily life at the computer or on the phone because they neutralize the blue light emanating from digital devices, minimizes the glare and strengthens the contrast.

I have been wearing these glasses for 4 months and I really do not feel the fatigue, tension and I don’t get teary eyed as before and it was quite natural for me to understand a little more about the blue light and the influence it has on us. It turns out that the consequences are not small at all and if the UV rays are much talked about, HEV (High Energy Visible), as the scientific name of the blue light, is hardly ever talked about. And all of us are exposed daily to our phones, computers and tablets, they emit doses of blue light, which in the night especially affects the natural recovery of the cells – it misleads them to think its daytime and they do not recover fully.

I’ve shared with you before that I’m a night owl and I mostly love working in the evenings, I feel more organized when everyone sleeps and I get much more done, I’m also seriously affected by the influence of the blue light. Here are some small steps I took for myself to avoid its negative impact:

1. Always wear computer glasses in front of the computer. As I stated at the beginning exactly the computer glasses were the first step that inspired me to take the rest to protect myself from the blue light. Whether you have a diopter or not, computer glasses aim to optimize your vision when you stare at your computer screen for a longer period of time. I do not want to go into details because it’s a personal choice that you have to take yourself and consult a specialist in some optics for the best choice for you. Personally, without these glasses I had blurry vision, I felt tension in my eyes and even headaches occurred when I sat and wrote on my laptop for 6-8 hours.

2. No electronics in the room we’re sleeping in. It’s impossible to give up from all electronic devices altogether but you can reduce the time in which you spend on your device before going to bed and especially their presence in the room you are sleeping in. This can have a positive effect and it’s not that difficult to accomplish. Kalo and I always charge our phones in the evening but always in another room. Also we wake up with a old-fashioned alarm clock (it was very strange at first but we’re getting used to it quickly), we don’t have a TV in the bedroom, we are not one of the people who love to watch TV before they sleep, and of course no work and chatting on the laptop or phone in bed. We put them to sleep and rest a little from us in the other room.

3. Proper skin care, remove makeup immediately, relax and enjoy. As I mentioned above, blue light signals the cells that it’s daytime which breaks the natural night rhythm and they can not recover completely, thus increasing the risk of premature aging of the skin. That’s why I’ve made a rule for myself when I go home and have no plans to go out, I wash my hands and my face completely to remove all dirt and make-up remnants. My care is taken in combination: serum, face cream and eye cream. Although I’m 25 years old, I started with regular eye care since I’m sure one day I will be grateful for this. However, the skin around the eyes is 40% thinner than the rest, and the signs of premature aging there are most visible.

I told you in a previous post that I’m using Estée Lauder’s Advanced Night Repair serum and I always take it with me, even when I’m traveling, and a month and a half ago I added the eye cream to my routine – Advanced Night Repair Eye Supercharged Complex which helps with the influence of the blue light seriously. It’s suitable for all ages and combats signs of aging such as dryness, fine lines and wrinkles, puffiness, dark circles. It feels very pleasing on the face because it’s like a gel, it isn’t greasy or sticky, but has a slight, very pleasant and invigorating cooling. It’s also economical, I put it on the tip of my fingers and with a slight tap, spread it around the eye contour. What I really like is that I really feel the product with its protection and hydrating effect until the morning (thanks to the patented ChronoluxCB ™ technology, which is a more concentrated and moisturizing technology, it provides protection not only from the blue light at night, but also from the UV rays during the day), in the morning there are no undereye bags (of course, the 8 hours of quality sleep is also important), there is no feeling of dryness and puffiness and when I have a harder day and a more weary look of my skin I use the cream in combination with eye patches, then the effect becomes striking.

I believe that every little step in the concern for ourselves is extremely important. Therefore, by reducing the influence of the blue light around us, let us also reduce the negative moments and emotions that also influence the way we look. And if we feel good inside, we will look good outside as well. 🙂

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