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Hello, mints! Christmas and New Year are fast approaching and my holiday spirit is so high that I can’t wait for them to be here already. Our post today was not planned but the photos turned out to be so good that we decided to share them with you.

A few days ago we decided to take a walk in the mountain of Vitosha because I didn’t feel like staying in the city but also because of the beautiful snow that had fallen the previous night. We had a complete view of Sofia from the place where the photos were taken. The city looked small and clean. Although it was December, the sun was bright and the weather was nice and warm. So dear friends, pack up the essentials and go out of the stifling atmosphere of the city for the weekend. It is recommendable that your shoes are a comfortable so that you enjoy your time in the mountains. Personally, the most comfortable shoes I have worn are Timberland Waterproof. I have three different pairs and I am truly impressed. They are waterproof and suitable for both the city and the mountain.

The checkered shirt which I have chosen is a craze among men and women this autumn. It is perhaps one of the easiest and practical casual wear tendencies. A checkered shirt combined with a pair of jeans always makes a nice combination which needs only the addition of a leather jacket and boots to the ankle. My shirt is from H&M but you can find a similar one in almost every store now.



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