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The coffee is two hours late and the breakfast almost merges with the lunch. Even though I’m seriously lagging behind on my schedule to pass on my graduation thesis (I’m right at the end, I’m in a total despair of how everyone is doing something entertaining and making far more interesting things than I do around me and all I have to do is write and write…) today I want to share two autumn outfits that describe my momentary state of mind. And on one hand I want to sing and dance in the rhythm of the Big Bird from Sesame Street (remember it?) or rather this Benetton sweatshirt which reminds me so much of the Big Bird. It really made me laugh when I saw it in the store. On the other hand I’m under this classic melancholy (I blame my graduation thesis for that) but I associate it with beautiful and romantic elegance like this sky blue coat, this year my main wardrobe and my Instagram feed have grown up with a few shades of blue. I haven’t found any blue inspiration before but after Kefalonia and #BlueLagoon I want more blue everyday. And which of this two outfits do you like more?


Makeup – Estee Lauder Bulgaria

Gray bag Furla Bellaria from MDL Group 

White bag Furla Metropolis Clivia from MDL Group 

Coat and scarf – Marc Cain 

Hoodie – Benetton 

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