Real natural ice cream without preservatives and colorings, but where?


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My passion and love for Italy took me to an enchanting and thematic place in the city center – Gelateria Naturale. I was surprised when I realised that this place was opened by my classmate from high school. Her passion for food led her to Italy, from where she drew inspiration and knowledge to create Bulgaria’s first and only all-natural ice cream – no emulsifiers and artificial colors, preservatives, hydrogenated fats and palm oil. The shelf life of this ice cream is not like any other ice-cream in the frozen freezers in the stores, it lasts for only 5-6 days. What about the taste? I can’t describe it – you have to try it. It is the true taste of fruit and chocolate which has no equivalent in Sofia. They have thought of each type of customer they could have, thus they offer vegan ice creams – sorbets that are entirely water based and contain no animal ingredients. My favourites have a real taste of dark chocolate and fruit, and they are prepared from fresh fruit. Of course there are low-calorie series (ZERO ZERO), suitable for all those who are intolerant to lactose and classic cane sugar. To make this ice cream they use natural fructose and lactose which is extracted from skimmed milk. In general, they have something for everyone and they have thought about every detail. They are devoted to experimentation, to being unique and delicious and to the responsibility for what they serve their customers, all driven by a lot of passion and desire. This is Gelateria Naturale.

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