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One of my favorite interviews that I have ever given is about the campaign “My Beauty, That’s Me!”. In it I discovered a lot of myself, but in a slightly different and personal form. Inspired by this material, for a long time I wanted to write a post that would be like a message and a continuation of the topic, because to me the beauty is really a balance and a reflection of our inner harmony and our external qualities. They are two inextricably linked things, often a consequence of one another. But what makes a woman feel confident? Her make-up or styling? The man beside her? Her intellect?
For me, there are a few very simple but important things…

Love me, love you

Too clichéd, overexposed or tired many of you – the love. For me to love and to feel loved is the greatest power that can exist in our human world. They even say that we women become more beautiful when we are in love. I don’t know whether this is certainly true, but the love certainly makes me feel more confident, better and happier. It is strange, like you can conquer the world оr vice versa. As a student I seriously believed in Frédéric Beigbeder’s bitter but interesting thoughts that “love lasts three years“, that there is a warranty period which expires and it’s a matter of time to “betray” you. The three years have passed and I think if you take care properly, responsibly and with attention to the details, love can last forever. Of course as much as our human eternity allows us.

The goals and successes

It’s very important for me to be independent, to have my time, goals and successes. We often make the mistake of forgetting about ourselves, turning our dreams away and what we want to be. Time passes and 20 years later we remember that girl who wanted to be much more than what it is. The moment is now and you always have to repeat it and don’t procrastinate. If you don’t feel happy with the person you are, your work, study or everyday activity – don’t stay a day longer. I felt so in my last job, not because it was bad, even dream job for a lot, but it was just not my thing, I was not happy, I was not with my morning smile, I lost the thrill and the desire. I figured out there was no point in losing our time – mine and my employer’s and I left. I have learned that when one door closes, another one opens. So it happened.

Caring for myself

Last but not least, I place the “concern for myself”. Love and respect for yourself. This is what we should never forget. For this, train when you can and want, eat regularly and balanced, take care of your body and soul, laugh, be crazy, buy your dream bag or lipstick. You always need one more! The more happy you are, the more complete and useful you are for the people around you. And what better incentive than that?

For example I become quite different person when I do something for myself. For the other people I always give everything, but for myself it is very difficult to take a step, I’d rather postpone it. That’s why I decided to pamper myself with something I wanted for a long time and to throw myself into the challenge called photoepilation. I have been following the topic from the very beginning since it was first talked about in Bulgaria. I was somewhat skeptical at first, I was still looking for the opinions of others, while my mother trusted the saloon procedures before me and has been enjoying some great results for a year already. However, I prefer the cares to be at home and for this purpose I chose the new Lumea by Philips, a much more convenient and practical solution for me. I have already done the first procedure, I have a few remaining until I achieve the desired results. If you are interested I can make a post and share with you more about my results and my opinion as a whole?

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