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The way your day begins is extremely important for your overall lifestyle and mood until the evening. It all begins with my morning start – if I don’t feel good, I haven’t slept well… I can’t look good. That’s why I try to keep going to bed the same time every night and waking up at the same time each morning to make my body get used to that quicker and easier and to save the bags under my eyes, which often appear from sleeplessness. I get up at 8:00 and go to bed at about 23:00 to 23:30. I feel that if I can go to bed at 22:30 I can be online at 07:00 and then I feel the best. Unfortunately, however, I can hardly manage to finish all the tasks until then, but I know that 24 hours would never be enough for me… It’s better to get enough sleep in order to feel vibrant, full of energy and tone, and good sleep is also vital for healthy and fresh skin.

I’ve told you before that I always start my day with a glass of water with the juice of half a lemon and prepare the bottle of filtered water for the day (at least 1.5l – 2l of pure water) and then prepare the breakfast. Recently, I try to make it almost completely raw (I always eat something healthy and fresh in the summer) – fruits, vegetables and seeds, I got king of obsessed with smoothie bowls, I make different combinations of spinach and fruits like blueberries, raspberries and strawberries – they are a great superfood, a source of antioxidants, rich in fiber and vitamins A and C, obligatory avocado or 1 banana for the stutter density, and it’s one of the best sources of potassium that is vital to maintain the balance of moisturizing the skin, kiwi for decoration and also my most favorite fruit ever, contains the most vitamin C – the main ingredient for the skins vitality and shine. Add a little water, seeds and 10g of the vegan nutrition supplement Daily (a combination of elements that will support health and beauty at the same time) from There is a unique breakfast at the end, which apart from tasty and useful, can feed everyone, even Kalo, who didn’t like such things.

My day continues with a little yoga or exercise, I even have at home a cross trainer on which I go for at least 30 to 40 minutes every day, I try to not have a day without a little physical movement and training, even a walk or some fitness. It’s better every day to make little steps to be in perfect form than to start when you have already lost your form and tone and you don’t have a choice. Needless to explain you about the benefits of physical exercise on your skin, because each of your little steps increases the total flow of blood, which means that the skin cells get more oxygen and nutrients,it gets easier and quicker to eject the toxins, leading to a healthier, smoother and more beautiful skin.

*If you are interested in what and how I train… check out post 1 and post 2 from Spain, there is even a brief training example.

Then I go on my tasks and all day long I don’t forget to drink water, perhaps the most important step for a more beautiful and fresh skin. Try to find out how much water you have to drink per day and how it affects you. Here you can calculate how many liters of water you need to drink per kilogram and according to your lifestyle –

It’s very important to finish your day with something good as well as the way it has begun. Reward yourself for the good job! When I come back from all day’s tiring meetings, events, assignments, pictures and removed my makeup, I need a little time for myself. I take a warm bath or shower with aromatic peeling, I make a hair mask and nourish my skin well, then I choose a night cream for my face and a mask that helps saturate my skin with oxygen and regenerate it after all the aggressive external factors like stress, pollution, UV rays and more. Even before I came across this new product of Vichy’s SLOW AGE series, I gave my skin such good care and rich nourishment with a hydrating mask for all night, just felt that my face really needed such a rich recovery. Somehow afterwards, my skin is more hydrated and radiant and this final step is like the “cherry on top of the cake” and the perfect end of the small steps I’ve listed above. In addition, SLOW AGE Night is very light on the skin, it’s not as oily as a cream, it smells delicate, it corrects and slows the appearance of signs of aging, and when combined with the night or more precisely the time when we sleep well – the most important part of the day for our skin, it’s absolutely great. So give your body enough sleep and proper care after a tough and tiring day and it will “thank you” for sure.

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