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The week starts with an interesting charity initiative that the team of “I CAN TOO” extended to me as a fashion blogger of “Mint Stories”. I am very happy to join in their fashion challenge and this is the reason why you will often see me wear this white slim top, which by the way combines greatly with jeans and skirts with high waist.

I “CAN TOO” is a foundation in support of children with special needs. The Foundation exists entirely on a charity basis. Its activities are supported by donations from all areas of business and entertainment, private entities and individuals, and by the non-monetary partnership and support of the government. Not accidentally, the motto of the organization is: “We believe that everyone CAN help… create a better world!”, because every person has the qualities and skills that can be useful.

And you can get involved and become part of the world of “I CAN TOO”, too by finding out more information on their website – www.icantoo.eu.

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