How to “hurry slowly”, take care of ourselves and our inner harmony


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Despite my fragile years to me, until recently the “hurry slowly” rule didn’t matter and I didn’t even think about how my whole daily routine is affecting my skin… and the skin has a memory as we know. Recently, our whole society has gained a tremendous tendency to live fast, not to think much, to sleep less, to eat more processed and foods of unclear origin, as if we have become more irritated than before and we have much more to be angry about. But is it worth wasting our time that way?

Personally, I realized relatively early that my actions, the influence of external (UV rays, pollution) and internal (stress, lack of sleep) factors have a major impact on me. I began to pay more attention to myself, how I feel, to my inner peace and state, and how all this affects my appearance. Here are a few things I do for a more fulfilling and beautiful day:

– In the morning –

I try to get up a few minutes earlier in the morning so I don’t worry that I’m late for my tasks for the day, I drink my coffee in peace, it’s a ritual for me, I don’t miss breakfast. Even if I don’t have time for something more hardy, it takes me two minutes to prepare a smoothie and it gives me super energy by noon.

I’m not in a hurry with the skin care ritual, I always try to keep my skin completely cleansed, hydrated and protected throughout the day. I don’t miss the sunscreen, especially now that the sun is so terribly bright. At the moment, even my daily face cream (Slow Age by Vichy) I use is with SPF 25. For a second consecutive year I trust this product because it’s in the form of daily fluid for every type of skin and It feels very light, absorbs quickly and hydrates my skin, especially now in the summer.

– At noon –

If you have the opportunity to have lunch outdoors, preferably in the park or somewhere where the view is worth it – do it. Enjoy the taste of every bite, don’t hurry so much, don’t talk about work during the meal. Try to turn off you thoughts about how your day started and what is coming.

– In the evening –

An hour before bedtime I turn off my phone, TV, computer, and so on. I enjoy something else, I make a bath – my little anti-stress therapy, some people relax with alcohol, music, a book, I like to immerse myself in the water, put the headphones on, a face mask and disappear for half an hour from the world. No one is looking for me and I’m doing absolutely nothing. Doesn’t it ever get boring for me? For over 15 years I haven’t gotten bored to make a bath at least once every week, not to mention how it helps and relieves the muscles, pain or even a cold. I don’t know if it is the same with you or your bathtub is collecting dust? I personally recharge my mind and body for the next day. I then try to go to bed and have enough hours of sleep, a deserved 7-8 hour rest.

Of course, I don’t hurry and ignore the skin care ritual again, but this time I include a face mask at bedtime (I adore the cooling ones in the summer), I also use the night cream mask in one of Vichy’s Slow Age series (I told you more about it last year), serum before the cream for a deeper action and lip balm for a softer and more pleasant morning lip.

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