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Hello, dear friends. Our adventure in Italy ended yesterday and we are in Sofia again. I am very happy about the experience, about the things I saw and everything that I could touch. Due to the hectic pace I wasn’t fully able to enjoy the beaches and turquoise water, but very soon we will make a new journey to the Black Sea, where I will be catching up. You can expect many marine posts in September and one new collaboration which I can’t wait to tell you more.


Italy has always impressed me with its narrow streets, small and compact cars, tasty food and its style, which is evident from every single thing touched by an Italian. But Bari (the city from where our adventure started) is not the typical Italian town, which I imagined. In the morning it is one in the evening different. In the evening the city seems off his mask and shows a completely different face. Very lively, full of energy, green with delicious food and small cafes on the corners.

In unison with the wonderful sunny weather, high green palm trees curving of along the entire sea promenade and the cold sea breeze felt everywhere in the city, I decided my outfit for this place to be simple, convenient, casual, but at the same time elegant. The modern for this season jumpsuit in a dark green color (by Debenhams Bulgaria), combined with long silver necklace (by Happiness Boutique) and beige high heels (by Zara), give it a sense of freedom, comfort and delight, which I want to recreate for you.

IMG_5496-small IMG_5464-small IMG_5607-small IMG_5531-small IMG_5578-small IMG_5536 IMG_5605-small IMG_5568-small IMG_5613-small


Jumpsuit – Debenhams

Necklace – Happiness Boutique

High heels – Zara

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