First Autumn Plans


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I like how the autumn slowly and carefully has been coming lately. It’s already getting darker earlier and at the moment it even rains quietly beside me and I can hear how the drops are falling on the railing of my window. In fact, this is the only music that sounds right now, my heart does not let me mute it with something else, it’s not worth it. This time of the year is so magical. And I’m just starting to make plans for going to the seaside and taking a rest. We developed a habit with Kalo to rest before or after the end of the season. Have you tried it so far? It seems like a habit for us, but we definitely like it more. We had plenty of time to work peacefully over the projects we had begun and now when the others all return to the normal working rhythm, we’ll be resting. We’re still wondering where exactly to go but we are looking for cool places in Greece. I liked a magical marble beach on the eastern coast of Thassos, but if you have other interesting suggestions, would you mind to share them with me?

But let’s go back to the first autumn plans. I haven’t shared this with you until now, but I try to be more organized in my actions. I run a regular monthly google calendar with all of the upcoming meetings, events and things to do for the day. The truth is that it’s very difficult for me not to waste my time because I want to do so many things, but I still don’t have time for all of them (24 hours are just not enough). It sounds familiar to you, doesn’t it? Here are some of my plans for September:

  • Going to the gym at least 5 times a week. At the moment I manage to train only 3-4 times with a coach, but I have the enormous desire to visit some group activities as well. And soon I want to make a blog post – “What motivates me to start training again” and some other useful tips.
  • To read the book (#boss) that my friend Vicky (<3) gave me for my birthday. Not much in my style, but she definitely managed to challenge me.
  • I want to finish the furnishing of my office at home (something very little left to be completely done).
  • This month I want to prepare a beauty blog post (I haven’t done beauty for a long time) and want to show you some of my favorite products which I discovered this year and never shared with you.
  • Make a new collaboration with another blogger. I already have an idea and a plan, I just hope that we can do it this month.
  • Finally to learn to work with the camera properly. I honestly admit to you that I hardly understand anything from the settings and I’m still shooting on auto, but I already have my own camera and Kalo has promised me a private lesson.
  • To do with Kalo our first  “questions and answers” video and a youtube channel that will launch something completely new. I don’t know how far will this take us, but I already have a small vlog camera.
  • To go on a holiday with Kalo, but don’t imagine the typical holiday (beach, cocktails and doing nothing) because we can never sit for a long time without work.
  • Make another dream come true! This time it sounds like Sting’s rhythm and the date is September 16, when I’m going to hear live Englishman In New York.
  • To find more cool coffee and brunch places like Made in Blue, The Little Things, Fabrika DAGA, Soul Kitchen, HleBar and etc., but mostly to share them with friends even more often.


Photographer – Ivan Kavaldzhiev Photography


Dress – SheIn from Mybag

Shoes – Reebook from Deichmann

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