Zombie girl for Halloween


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Although Halloween is not an orthodox holiday and it entered Bulgaria only in the last few years, we can just take it as another occasion to have fun. Also, there is a big chance that most of your friends will celebrate and you might just as well receive numerous party invitations for the night.

If you are not among the people who start choosing their costume a month before the actual day, but you neither want to spend Friday night alone in front of the TV screen, join the party. It is not necessary to plan sophisticated costumes. You can dig some clothes out of your wardrobe and adapt your findings to the occasion.

The day when we scare the evil ghosts away has become mostly an opportunity to reveal our full potential and stylistic skills by showing on display the favorite princess or the dream profession, which never became reality. It is can also be a good excuse to wear the long forgotten funny costume from the teenage years.

If this Halloween you want to be sexy and scary at the same time, there is nothing more suitable than the skeleton make-up. If you put a leather skirt and high boots, you will obtain a look which will allow you to stand out immediately.

Even if you don’t want to get masked, it doesn’t matter. Just go out and have fun.

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