Wine, sunrise and love at Chateau Copsa


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Kalo and I went again on a journey through Bulgaria but this time in a completely new area – the Karlovo valley, which I never told you about before. Our cozy Bulgarian Chateau Copsa is hidden here between the mountains. This place takes you for a moment in a beautiful, crazy and truly French experience but with the taste and aroma of the wonderful Bulgarian wines.

As soon as we arrived at our chateau we were greeted with free-walking rabbits (I think they were at least 10) who calmly bounced around and made you feel like the place is in harmony with nature. At first we had a dilemma whether to stay – in the chateau itself or see the chateau from the room (as we are in the new part). Still, we chose Maison Copsa because I like the very modern style of the rooms, especially the high ceiling, the open bathroom and the terrace overlooking the Chateau Copsa where we were.

The vineyards around were not yet in their best (I can’t expect everything in the month of March to be blossomed and green but in April or June we will return again for sure), yet the sun wasn’t missing. We used this time to walk around with Kalo. We met a lot of sunsets with a glass of good Bulgarian wine and with a unique view from the top floor of the chateau itself, we managed to enjoy a tasty 6-course tasting that made us fall in love with the limited selection of 2400 bottles of 8th Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon wine and take a few bottles with us in Sofia for our new home. It’s divine!

If you are interested and you are fond of the good wine, a really cool wine course will be held at the chateau very soon (06.04.2019), organized with the Bulgarian Wine Academy. During the course you will learn how to make wine and how it tastes best. It turns out that this is of great importance, so that you can fully feel its taste and aroma. I like it so much but at that time we will be busy with our new home, some last touches remain, stay tuned. And if you joined on this adventure, share with me how it was, it would be interesting!

We found surprisingly that there is also a little zoo with deers that walk on an improvised mound. You know that we often find beauty in something long before abandoned and fortunately, fate still gives us such an interesting inspiration. And so we happened to fall on the two-storey Kaleya bus in 1987, which I noticed one morning from our room. Inside was the hay for deers, it smells of straw, and the sun rays so magically crack inside that we didn’t need more inspiration for my favorite print by #HMStudio SS/ 19. There are dresses designed to meet sunrises.

That’s how we briefly met our first meeting with Chateau Copsa, welcoming us with a lot of sun, bouncing rabbits, wonderful wine, which can not be so perfect without delicious food, and favorite memories to refer to on our next meeting.


Dress – #HMStudio SS/19

Shoes – Fila от Buzz Sneaker Station

Sunglasses – Versace от Leonardo

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