Why I took only the most important things with me in our new home!?


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Because that’s enough for me. I’m not one of the most sentimental people and that’s why I sold my apartment, in which I had lived for 20 years, with all its furnishings but with the idea of starting a whole new beginning that is more thoughtful, more practical, inspirational. Yes, I don’t have boxes in my attic with memorabilia or filled with “maybe I’ll need it sometime” or “just in case” stuff. Still, what did I keep? Even more interestingly, what have I given a new chance and a new start? Apart from the whole home and myself in general…


My clothes and accessories have undergone the greatest and cardinal change.

After the Bloggers Charity Bazaar, which I made along with other familiar vloggers/bloggers girls, I managed to give a new chance to a lot of forgotten clothes, shoes and jewelry with a cause and an idea. Of course a lot of almost new clothes (some with the labels) I prepared for Remix, remained. I’m using the Remix bag service from December 2017 when I introduced you to this practical solution for the first time. I still don’t have time to prepare ads and send shipments, so I’m still using the Remix bag… I’m not looking for a quick profit with the clothes I don’t need anymore, but I’m looking for more space at home now. It’s like I free my soul from the excess. I have noticed that my clothes from Remix bag are sold for about 2, 3 weeks since they are uploaded to the web shop and the revenues are fair for the brands I have sent and the freedom that the service gives me. It’s okay for me because someone else takes the pictures, disinfected the clothes, advertised them, stored everything somewhere and sent it. One detail is that you can’t expect a 70% profit from the set price for the worn for several seasons H&M T-shirt, but from the almost new Nike Air Max I got the desired percentage. If you are not sure whether the clothes and accessories you are shipping meet the standards of Remix, you can choose Premium service and get the unauthorized products back. The scheme is very easy, what’s going on as a gift to someone is perfect for the Remix bag, and what’s been worn for a few seasons, has a slight note and you would not give it to a friend – rather recycle it in the recycling containers of TexCycle, there are many of those in Sofia and the larger cities. Don’t dispose of unnecessary clothing and accessories in any way because valuable resources are lost that could be utilized but instead remain in the garbage.

Clothes can have a new life by giving them a chance to:

  1. Reuse as a garment.
  2. Reuse as cloths for cleaning.
  3. Recycled fibers.
  4. Recycling as a filler.
  5. Utilization of textile waste for energy.

I would have continued on the subject, if you are interested, I will share with you what we did with some of the furniture that was left before in our house in Dragalevtsi soon (the new place where we will live now), but now I want to share with you a video I couldn’t wait to watch myself. It’s been filmed for nearly half a year, most of the stuff I’ve forgotten, but it’s kind of like a video diary about how a house turns into a home. I hope you are interested or at least curious how dreams can come true as long as you work for them.


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