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My beige/classics obsession is clear to you (I hope I didn’t bother you much) but while I was preparing this post I wondered if Instagram (and social networks in general) could turn a little forgotten piece of history into something interesting for many people here and now? Yes, I received surprisingly many queries “what is this place” of only 1 Instagram story. But whether I will provoke you to go when I tell you that it is very near Sofia, so large and majestic that you bustle with the first step as you enter it, it takes the form of a truncated quadrangular pyramid, there is no such monument with such historical value and reveals true natural pictures in frames. I stop here for now so as not to take you away from the impression of the thing in real life. Yes, love, attention and a little time for Mother Bulgaria Pantheon in the village Gurgulyat.

And before you think that was all, I’m gonna surprise you with a little dose of fashion inspiration. The reason is the new finds at Answear.bg and the fact that I’m part of an interesting campaign that provokes not only fashion but interesting questions and answers in me as well.

And from 1 to 10 how much do you like these Answer sunnies which are currently in a great sale and have them in different shades of glass? Because I’m obsessed! Definitely one of my best hits this season because besides the super budget price and the cool look these glasses also have UV protection 400.

Mini/Maxi? What do you prefer? I’m definitely a fan of long dresses despite my modest height and the theory that such dresses only go with very tall women. Over time, I learned to appreciate the freedom that my body feels when I’m in really comfortable clothes, especially the shoes. But let’s go back to this dress from the Glamorous collection. It makes you dance all night, undoubtedly, but the hat and the boots are dropping me off the dance floor quickly and forwarding a long journey to Arizona.

Cowboy boots which are called “down to earth”. Yes, those are really cool boots. I didn’t expect to like them so much but these shoes are really comfortable and a must-have this season, super interesting as a model, fit perfectly into every vision I wanted to combine in advance, even with the maxi dress. And although this type of boots were in the past just riding shoes, initially worn by cowboys, today we will meet them very often in the urban jungle in all sorts of variations, I’m sure.

And which outfit did you like most?


Makeup – Lancome

Photo and Edit – @kaloyanhristov and @nitrammako

Styling –  Answear.bg

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