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Maybe you’ve noticed, or maybe you’ve not but Avon has rebranded recently. They have a new logo and overall, the brand heads into a new, a bit more daring direction. I like it, definitely. (Before you proceed reading, take a look at the ad to understand what I’m talking about.) I’ve always appreciated the fact that the company supports women and fights for causes that they believe in. They create women groups and uphold them for years. (Avon’s mission against breast cancer is an initiative that I’ve told you about many times. It’s incorporated in the brand’s policy to support such initiatives all over the world.)

What’s happening now with the slogan “Watch me now” is coming to show us that women are capable of achieving massive success, although being underestimated in many life areas. I feel the cause as a necessary one because as much as it’s been talked about women’s empowerment, there is always a need for a brand that will come up with the topic in a more bold and even rebellious way.

I was challenged by Avon to share three facts about me that you most probably don’t know but with the condition that they will be related to my past when I’ve been underestimated (if I’ve been, but who hasn’t?) by someone due to not trusting my capabilities. I’ve separated them into “before” and “now” because these are all things that I’ve changed over time in some kind of way. Moreover, these are things that I’ve proven to myself.

1. Before: I was afraid of disapproval. Now: I got to know and accept myself. I live up to my own expectations, not others’ interests.

I used to be afraid to share because of the possibility to get hurt and encounter people’s disapproval. I felt obligated to please everyone. This was one of the reasons to start my blog and vlog. I did it to accept myself and to teach everyone to accept me the way I am. Now I think that there is no reason to act in a way that would be accepted by everyone and to create content that would please everyone. You’d better express your true self because there will always be someone out there who would find themselves in your content.

2. Before: “You’d better not smile ever.” Now: I believe that it’s my imperfect smile that makes me stand out.

I’ve been given “friendly” advice that it’s better for me not to smile at all because the space between my front two teeth is so big that it uglifies me unnecessarily. And I stopped. I did not smile for years. And then I was given the new nickname “Ice Queen”. How ironic, isn’t it? There were unsatisfied ones, again. Back when I was a teen the possibilities to correct such blemish did not exist. The flaw became an effect. I accepted it as my charming and outstanding characteristic that I adore. Maybe I needed one boy to fall in love with that imperfect smile so I could find the wings I needed to fly above my insecurities.

3.Before: “Go find yourself a secure job.” Now: “I’m working on things which bring me joy.”

I doubt if there is a family that hasn’t interfered in the career choices of their child (with good intentions, of course). I confess that there was a period in my life when I highly doubted the possibilities of the things which I wanted to do – advertising and marketing. I got advice to find a job that would provide me security above all, and not so much pleasure. But who may know what we will have to deal with? We live in such dynamic years that security just doesn’t exist, in my opinion. I started working when I was 16 and I’ve always been independent. I’ve not always been happy when I’ve been going to work, but I risked to create something of my own and to invest my time in things that are worth it. I haven’t stopped looking for ways to develop myself and if a project does not allow that, I just keep on searching for other possibilities.

What about you? Did you find yourself in some of my secret facts? Tell me, which are yours? : )


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