Through the streets of London … Part 3


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Hello, mints! Always at this part of the year comes a little sad and difficult period for me, also known as the “winter student exam session”. I’m sitting 8 exams, which is not unusual, but there are more pleasant things to do, you know? But there is no more time to complain because “Through the streets of London …” part 3 is just beginning.

After the “pretty quiet neighborhood” that was far from all the noise, traffic and “the heart of London”, where double-decker red buses and phone booths are on every corner, it’s time to show you, even for a little while, one “green natural harmony” named Greenwich. And because it will be our last post from London we took a lot of pictures of all wonderful places to which we managed to touch.



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Coat – Isabel Queen

Shirt – Broadway NYC Fashion

Jeans – BFC Casual

Bag – Mezzanotte

Boots – Belle Femme

Scarf – Zara

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