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I am finally at home! Over the past 10 days Kalo, my family and I travelled more than 1500 kilometers across Bulgaria, but it was definitely worth it. Firstly, we started with early summer sea voyage around Sunny Beach, Nessebar and Bourgas. After that we celebrated Easter with my family around Gotse Delchev and the small mountain village – Leshten. I met you with my great-grandmother, which on 1st May began her 90th anniversary. I’m really not in a position to gather in one article all impressions and stories that this woman told us. I told her about the blog, I showed her the Facebook platform and the photos that we take with Kalo, but all of it was like a “cosmic space” for her or like a fantastic story from a TV show.

Let’s don’t start this long topic because today I want to bring you a lot of sun lights and beach mood, despite the bad weather outside. In the next few posts from the sea, I’ll show you the Black Sea as you would never see it in the summer. It’s so wild, empty, beautiful and majestic that it’s quite lonely at times. I’ll show you long beaches without a single umbrella, lounge, cloth or a person. The sea was cleaner than ever, with a deep dark blue colour, chilling cold and stormy at times. Sounds irresistible, right?

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