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The modern woman is changing day by day and her style, taste, sense of femininity and elegance is changing too. Nowadays the wardrobe of every woman undergoes so colossal change and it’s quite difficult to understand the taste of women based only on her style today. Personally I’m changing every day and with this the things that I prefer to wear are changing too. But there are clothes that will never go out of fashion. There are fabrics that my skin will never get tired to feel. There are shades that always will transfix my eyes.

One such timeless classic is the sheer white shirt. It brings just as strong an elegant charge as “the little black dress”. The white shirt becomes a symbol of a business and successful woman. The white shirt is an integral part of my wardrobe. Easy to combine, it seems equally well in combination with black skirt type “cigar” or “flared skirt”, slim jeans or straight black trousers. My suggestion of this “timeless elegance” is one simple combination with black leggings with leather ornaments, gray autumn coat, high boots and a large bag in burgundy color for emphasis.

In fashion there is no definite rule for everyone and that’s the charm. You have the complete freedom to experiment and express yourselves in any form. Enjoy it!

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                                             Shirt – NERO SU BIANCO
                                          Leggings – CARLA GIANNINI
                                               Boots – Alexander Krist
                                                   Bag – BFC Casual
                                                      Coat – GRAZIA

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