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From June (2020) I joined the Biologique Recherche’s family, very enthusiastic and curious to find out more about the French ritual of the brand and its famous personalized skin care in which each skin problem has its solution.

I’m warning you that in this post I won’t be analyzing/ reviewing each product I’ve tried because the brand adheres to personal judgment and experience, which may not be valid for everyone; I don’t recommend you picking and choosing the products yourself. Biologique Recherche has specialists for that purpose, it’s a part of the pleasure to be a customer of a brand like that; in the text below I share more.

I was wondering how to portray in pictures and words the “synergy”, the relationship in which the result obtained is greater than the sum of the individual effects. It comes from the Greek “συνέργια” – meaning “working together”. And the reason – almost half a year in which I’ve been using the same brand in facial skin care, I never imagined that each small step is related to the previous one, like a thinly spun thread that you follow to get there.

What I changed during these 6 months in the care of my facial skin, what I tested from Biologique Recherche, how did it affect me and what I learned from Yana Stefanova (the coach of the brand in Bulgaria):

1. I realized that the clean face doesn’t have to “squeak”. I replaced daily cleansing with cleansing gel and scrubbing with a face brush completely by using a cleansing milk and gentle massage movements. To clean eye makeup I use Solution Dеmaquillante pour les Yeux (two-phase product that perfectly dissolves waterproof mascara), and in the morning and evening the cleansing milk Lait E.V., I use a very small amount, and the massage/cleansing always starts from the bottom up and from inner to outer parts of my face.

2. If we want results – we must constantly take care, as in everything in life. Biologique Recherche products are like a medicine prescribed by a specialist and whether they advise us to use them in the morning or evening in a specific sequence – it really matters. It’s not a coincidence that the brand divides the routine into two phases “Preparation” and “Healing”. Now is the time to warn you that sharing exactly what I use doesn’t necessarily mean that this formula will work for you. It’s best to visit one of the brand’s partners, кwho can diagnose your skin, assess its condition before making therapy on the spot or recommend products to use at home.

3. Two cold spoons can be the most wonderful anti-stress therapy and reward for the skin at the end of the day. It’s the power of Cryo-Sticks, but if you don’t have ones made of medical steel – use two well cleaned spoons from your kitchen frozen in a bag (separate them only for this). Mostly in the evening in combination with a mask or cream by massaging with the bulging part of the spoon, there are many sample rituals for the skin on YouTube, but what I do at least twice a week is to apply a thick layer of Verte Espoir cream or Vernix mask (I allow myself to sleep with the mask, it works great for me in the morning, my skin is very fresh, nourished and soft) by spreading them until the mask/cream are completely absorbed into the skin of the face, décolleté and neck with Cryo-Sticks, which I keep in the freezer.

4. During these 6 months I didn’t use any products other than those of Biologique Recherche and so I was able to really assess the real results of using all the products together.

Mixing brands in your skin routine should be done with care, since each brand develops its formulas differently and we may not be able to fully reap the benefits of one product just because of combining it with another. If curiosity about something new and different prevails – divide the care between 2 brands – 1 in the morning and 1 in the evening. Look for synergies between products.

5. In order for your skin to be grateful, you need to treat it with tenderness and care. I was used to rubbing the skin of my face with facial cleansing pads because I believed that this way the dirt would fall off completely. A mistake that many of you may make, especially when cleaning your makeup, is to simply hold the degreaser pad on your eyelid for a few seconds for the product to dissolve the mascara. Most of the time, a gentler attitude, without any quick and rough movements, I think, is the perfect recipe. I learned this careful approach thanks to perhaps the most legendary product of the brand – Lotion P50, which must be applied with tamponing movements, as it is the first and main step in caring for healthy and beautiful skin. If you have to try 1 Biologique Recherche product that will make you fall in love with the brand at first sight – Lotion P50 is one I would recommend with both hands.

6. The base before makeup is just as important. So I found the finish serum Fluide VIP O2 as a product. I had not used anything like this before, but mostly silicone bases, which further clogged my pores but gave me this “flat” foundation on the face that I wanted. Just a few drops of this oxygen and moisturizing finish serum helps me deal with environmental pollution, absorbs perfectly, leaves no greasy finish, matches any foundation and concealer under the eyes, even eye shadows, because it can be applied all over the face.

I can tell you so much more about Biologique Recherche because the brand is really interesting, their personal approach is impressive, and maybe it will turn out to be one of the best choices for my skin, because for the first time I face the cold months without my nose peeling. 🙂  

I’m also testing some other interesting products such as targeted Erythros serum for small red capillaries on the cheeks, Amniotique concentrated serum for active hydration, Lipogen AC body oil, which fights cellulite, B-Stria cream, which smoothes stretch marks, but to recommend them it will take more time for me to track the results for myself. These products require longer treatment as well as greater constancy.

I will be happy to share my experience with Biologique Recherche; are you pleased? On Instagram I have already discussed with some of you on the subject, so you can feel free to contact me – @mint.stories. 🙂

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