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The incredible girls from “Boutique Room 11 who are hand making and designing their own unusual jewelries and accessories, welcomed me in their store. With little steps but a lot of motivation and desire, Nicole and Desi are graduated designers, who do, what they love the most. Recently, they have opened a boutique in Sofia. Boutique Room 11 combines 2 brands – “Nicollett” and “Essa Tau”. With an interesting and unique way of seeing things, Desi and Nicole can charm you with the products, they make.

One of the most interesting things, you can find in their store is the skirt from neoprene with an eye-catching mint zipper. The fabric seems stiff at the first glaze but it is actually soft and tender when you touch it. That what makes it suitable for colder and warmer months. But what makes it really a blast is that it has the ability to stay on you exactly how you made it to stay. This is a great quality which everyone looks in clothes. The skirt and its material doesn’t crease no matter what you do all day. It doesn’t fit your body shape but it makes its own, which makes the garment perfectly for some imperfection of the body. I am sure that you will fall in love in this fabric.

Another fascinating thing about the boutique are the authentic jewelries by Nicollet (by Nicollett Accessories) from tassels. We are not talking only about just jewelry, we are talking about art. This year’s accessories from the collection are counting on the size, and it is the bigger size. And that is why I chose mine to be exactly like that as an essential addition to my outfit.

To be continue…

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