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Hello my friends! I have been planning this post for a long time and finally I found the time to realize it. I wanted to do something different for those to whom I could not be useful, because my age and my experience do not allow me to. Looking at the statistics of people who visit our site, I was pleasantly surprised that the group of women of age over 30-40 years is seriously increased, and I decided this time to write a post dedicated entirely to them. Since I cannot be completely objective in my opinion for certain products I gave the floor to my friends – Eli and Dimi, who joined this challenge with great desire and zeal. They will share with their experience, opinion and some of their favorite cosmetics. Enjoy the reading, friends!


„I am 42 years old. Now when I look back, through the years I realize that one of my biggest mistakes (concerning my facial care) is that I started to do care really late. I have oily acne-prone skin and on top of that I was diagnosed with rosacea. Along the years and the sun exposure, little brown spots (freckles) appeared also. I started buying different creams for oily skin, rosacea, wrinkles, from different brands. I tried expensive and cheap-ones, natural and handmade, but I have never found the product about which I could say – “That’s it!”

For about 4-5 months I have been using “Magnificence” cream by “Lierac”, and for the first time I can really say “That’s it!” I felt in love with this cream.  By applying it immediately gives a very fresh look to the skin, it is rapidly absorbed and has mattifying effect. There is no disagreeable facial shine. The cream is ideal for the summer. The problem is that there is not a protective factor, but there is always a solution. Bearing in mind that I am with sensitive skin, this cream has proved very suitable for me.

Recently (for about 2-3 weeks) for night cream I use the new “3-Regular” by “Uriage”. The formula is developed for combination to oily skin prone to imperfections – just like mine. These problems do not occur only among teenagers, often adults have quite similar. Today I looked in the mirror and was surprised to find that my brown spots have gone. Pimples are almost gone, and my face is clean and fresh. Before the buds did not disappear, but stayed for months as stains. Surprisingly good product.


My experience with masks is more humble. I love fruit fragrances and often look for such. The last I used was “Bio Beauté by Nuxe”, moisturizing and smoothing mask with clementine pulp. The mask has an incredible aroma and it is hard to abstain not to “eat” it, because it’s really tempting. The skin becomes soft, radiant, youthful, with rested appearance and well hydrated.

Last but not the least I want to share my pleasant surprise from one of the “Prettybox” boxes. The box itself contained samples of “Elizabeth Arden” – cream, recovery capsules, capsular serum, recovery serum and three perfumes. I am not going to comment the parfumes because the fragrances are matter of personal feeling and perception. I will only mention that I have already bought one of these perfumes and it is great. The cream is good, quickly absorbed, it does not cause greasy face shine, the skin becomes soft and smooth. Repairing Serum, luxurious capsular serum and recovery capsules really fascinated me. I use them before the night cream. They “soak up” in seconds, the skin is stretched and looks radiant and fresh. No greasy and visibly looks younger. I will definitely buy these products in the future.

In conclusion, I want to share that for me the most important when using a product is how it will affect my problem skin (rosacea). With surprise and pleasure I can affirm, that none of these products did not irritate and did not reflect badly on my face. On the contrary, they did small miracles and I am very satisfied with the results. Of course, every skin is individual and we have to treat seriously our skin problems.”

IMG_8278 Dimi:

I am a person who likes to test various brands until choosing the best-one, but what is the best for you changes over time, doesn’t it? So I decided to tell you about one of my recent positive experience in skin care. My finding is a not well-known brand in the market, which is relatively affordable and at the same time with a very good quality – “Lavera”.

1. Q10 Cream – the most important product for me. At first I was reserved, mostly because of the price, because it is relatively low. The cream has a fresh lemon scent. However I continued to use it with diligence. As a general characteristic of all cosmetics “Lavera” I noticed that they nourish perfectly without making the skin too oily and cause unpleasant shine after a few hours. My skin is very sensitive and reddens and irritates easily by any cosmetics. Sometimes it has rashes caused by inappropriate products. For this reason, I choose very carefully. There is definitely not such unpleasant effects with “Lavera”. It feels dry and pleasant – all day long! When using the cream for a long term my face became fresh and well-hydrated. I noticed a slight reduction in wrinkles around the mouth, which are not too expressive, but I still have them. For the winter, however, I would rather choose a richer texture.

2. Eye contour cream – rich texture, but very well absorbs. It is not greasy. At the beginning I didn’t like it, because I thought it was not enough rich. But in a month of regular use I saw a visible reduction of the wrinkles, which is an indisputable fact. I have a huge problem with the aggressive components normally found in the eye contour creams. Often they have even reverse effect on me –they caused tears in my eyes and my lids swell. From this point of view, the cream is very gentle and delicate, and so the effect of a long-term use actually pleasantly surprised me. Because, most of the creams for sensitive skin have practically no effect.


3. I appreciated also the “BB cream”, which is my favorite. It has very thin texture, almost liquid. This allows easy application, WITHOUT PRESSURE. Pressure causes straining of the skin and premature sagging of the facial contour. It covers well – my skin is light and one application is enough. The good thing is that I feel softening, but there is no unpleasant visible shine and excessive greasiness. The cream definitely has a mattifying finish. For me this is very important, especially in the summer when I am obliged to apply a cream because my skin is too dry, but when I use inappropriate-one an unsightly shine arises. In this sense, for me the cream is perfectly balanced, but everything depends on the individual characteristics of the skin. What I especially like is the natural vision, which for me is a must. I personally prefer tinted cream instead of foundation, because it avoids the unpleasant effect of “mask” and the ugly cracking during the normal facial expression of the person. The effect is very natural and one cannot notice that there is makeup applied. The vision is elegant and stylish, which I prefer, rather than the effect of a sad clown,  chasing and running after the youth which turns away.

4. Last but not the least is the cleansing gel. This is a product which I will certainly use again. Extremely delicate! Almost all washing products that I have ever used dry up the skin. After washing with “Lavera” skin is perfectly clean, but without itches and “tension”. I can almost feel it breathing. Even if you forget to apply a cream it does not feel dry nor greasy. Many products developed for dry skin leave a feeling of greasiness and sensation of unclean/oily skin. For now I won’t change the cleansing gel and I intend to use it on year-round basis. Without exaggeration – this is probably the best product in this category that I found so far.

My experience with brands is really vast, but I decided to share with you a very “fresh” conclusion that can be useful in the search for the right products. Remember that price doesn’t guarantee the quality. Nowadays many brands that have successfully imposed themselves in the market, dictate the prices.”

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