The Blue Lagoon in Kefalonia and a fabulous inspiration from Tom Ford


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“Time and silence are the most luxurious things today.” T. F.

Tom Ford was my muse all summer and no, I’m not just talking about two of my favorite fragrances at all, I talk about my graduation thesis that I dedicated to Mister Ford. In my mind, I couldn’t possibly write more than 150 pages, think of and create a non-existent new product to the brand’s product range and read everything that exists for someone I don’t like. It just doesn’t happen to me if it doesn’t come from within. Tobacco Vanille and Eau de Soleil Blanc were the exact inspiration I needed, everywhere with me. Did you know that by mixing the two scents on your skin you can get a whole new scent that doesn’t remind you of anything else? All of Tom Ford’s scent can be fantastic and in some Estee Lauder boutiques where perfumes are available there is a mysterious wooden box that gives you the opportunity to create even your own personal scent. And there is the same box in Bulgaria, I think that it was in a boutique on Vitosha boulevard or in Opalchenska’s mall… Share if you’ve stumbled upon it?


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