The beautiful sunset, the white suit and the curves of the Infiniti Q30


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You know that we like to catch the sunsets and sunrises as we feel them every time, the sun is always different and never repeats itself at a given time. I learned to notice these little beautiful things like the nice lighting (it seems super insignificant) ever since I met Kalo, I think nothing is more important about the making of a nice shot than that. Small natural details that the nature gives us every day, we just have to notice them.

And my first white suit coincided completely with our inspiration. I was looking for a special occasion to take it out for a walk for the first time, I finally put it on for no reason, just like that, with a waist purse, cool slippers and a swimsuit bottom so I don’t miss the turquoise waters somewhere… And what do you think about the waist purse? This is from the Mango’s latest collection from and it turned out quite handy and gathered my perfect mini wallet, the phone with the island map, a mirror and Dior lipstick. What more do you need?


Place – Gyra Beach, Lefkada

Car – Infiniti Q30

Suit (jacket и trousers) – Mango from Fashion Days

Little waist purse – Mango from Fashion Days

Glasses – Ray Ban от Leonardo Optics


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