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Hello, friends. After several interesting beauty events (Urban Decay’s launch in Bulgaria and the new series of Kerastase – Aura Botanica) of which I was invited to, now I’m fully on а beauty wave. This time I’m visiting Eli’s home, which may seem you familiar from the first basic market, which was improvised in her home. Since then, the things have grown, now the cool idea has its own Internet space – Basic events, where you can follow the upcoming interesting basic events.

But let’s go back to beauty. As the makeup artist and BIODERMA’s ambassador – Gregoris Pyrpylis says, 50% of successful makeup depends on the quality of the skin and the quality of the skincare used. I have always been on the same opinion because the quality products and the nice makeup are inseparable alchemy that must be respected. Because of this, recently, I started to choose more carefully the makeup products I use.

For me, the good basis is always on first place. I’ve tested a variety of products and brands, but until now I can hardly tell which is my favorite, because I’ve always compared them. The truth is that each product gives you a different feeling and effect. Among the foundation makeup products I picked favorite ones that match every season. Forever by Dior is a legend to me, that matched perfectly my skin in the winter, when my summer tan has almost faded away. Nevertheless, the brand has created the most accurate tone, matching my skin. Born This Way by Too Faced reminds me of summer with its light texture and coverage. Then, I don’t need so much coverage and the lightest scent of coconut water, which is contained, contributes more for to the summer feel. For transitional seasons I use Double Wear by Estée Lauder for the better covering and durability that gives me. It’s suitable for now because remains intact at high humidity.

The red accents in my makeup always persist when it comes to lipsticks. (However, in one of our last sessions with the makeup artist Boryana Stefanova we used this red accent in my eyes, it was quite spectacular, but never mind, very soon you will convince yourself.) Mostly I use matte lipsticks because in the last few years I quarreled with glitter lips, still not knowing why. From the products that I have experience with, I think you can find quality matte lipsticks among Urban Decay, MAC, ZOEVA and some on a low budget, but still as good – these of Bourjois.

Purple accents, why not? I was super skeptical at first, until the makeup artist Krasimira Petrova literally opened my eyes to that color. Immediately I got a purple eyeliner, but it wasn’t enough. I decided to use this color on the lips. It was somewhat mystical and yet different for me. Especially after my university work, when I was looking for the erotic color symbolism in Versace’s advertisements, I handle with purple with a lot of finesse and attention. It really captivates. Don’t you think?

Which color fascinates you?

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