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La baguette! – Sicilian meatballs


At all I am not a meat lover, not only for healthy and sustainable reasons, but because I hardly imagine something really delicious with meat. However, the story with the meatballs which I share with you today is different. I tried them for the first time when I was in Sicily and a pity women had cooked them especially ...

La baguette! – Kiffles with almonds and cinnamon


With coming autumn I get nostalgic. I open all the cabinets at home and rearrange them again and again… collect memories, tastes and flavors. In such an autumn day, I came across a diary from three years ago, where I  writed two recipies dictated on Skype by my mother. One was for “kurabii” a traditional ...

Sweet feeling of Paris in Sofia


If you like your afternoon tea with mini sweets, cakes, sandwiches, croissants and other delicious treats, you might heard of “100 grams of sweets”. Or maybe the pastry salon with many choices of good quality and good looking desserts. We had the pleasure today to have a chat with Rositsa Hristova, manager of the place. “100 ...