Snow white in Milan


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I have never seen Milan in this season – in that winter beauty… The atmosphere is so different. The winter it is not typically cold one that we know in Bulgaria, but it is gentle, cool awakening, which tries to remind us that it is not June. The snow did not reduce the crowds flocking in every moment from the small lanes to the downtown.

There was an awful lot of people, indescribable spirit and life in the city. Everyone is rushing down with their stylish bags and branded magazine dresses, in not accidentally called “city of fashion.” People are just so terribly stylish and beautiful there.

The white coat is from the new collection of H&M. Stylish, memorable and at the same time very convenient. You can combine it with a dress and high heels for more formal look. Another option is to arrange the white on white, leather leggings or skinny jeans and achieve daily, but at the same time elegant look. That was the vision that I bet – such a practical choice.

The leather wedge from the brand Zara combines three materials: leather, cotton and suede. The wedge is from the limited edition of Zara, bought from their store in Milan, but I guess we also have it in the local shops in here. It can be combined equally well with high heels, low shoes, opened shoes and closed shoes, boots, even with sneakers. The importance is that it perfectly fits in every figure. So ladies stock up with such in your closet. It is easily to combine it, looks good and it is really convenient.

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