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There is nothing more convenient and practical than the “Shampoo Bars” (by Lush) if you are traveling. I accidently discovered these preciouses two years ago, when I had to go to Vienna and I needed something small and easy to carry with. This is a spot on. Now I use only these shampoos. First of all, they are budget saving. I use a block for three months. Secondly, they are small and super practical. They go with a perfect little box-container. Thirdly, they are handmade and from natural ingredients only. The only thing, I’d recommend you is to leave you dry shampoo to get dry before using. Then it won’t get too messy and you can use it for a longer period of time. Now I will introduce you more about my favorite kinds which I have used.

Seanik – blue

Dry shampoo with seaweed and sea salt, softening your hair and make it more voluminous. It gives your hair elasticity and volume. Inspired by the ocean, this shampoo is made of Irish moss and nori seaweed, which makes a lovely, rich of mineral gel and softens your hair.


Ultimate shine – white

Removes the dirt and makes your hair lustrous.  Also the shampoo makes your hair tenderer and cleans the oil, dirt and other products you have on, thoroughly.

Lush shampoo 1 - Copy

Lullaby – pink

A nice shampoo with almonds, oats, jojoba and lavender for a relaxing and softening hair washing. This one is definitely one of my favorite. Amazing smell and makes the hair very soft, what a treasure.

LUSH-Shampoo-Bar-Lullabye-review - Copy

Brazzilliant – orange

This lovely shampoo is for strengthening and conditioning your hair. The oil from andiroba oil and orange essence oil freshen the hair so much that you feel it light and nourished.


New – red

Nourish you hair, give her some a life. The strong hair needs a strong scalp for a base. The shampoo “New” has two purposes – to give an incredible shine and to stimulate the follicular of the hair for a maximum growth. The brew of nettle and mint, gives brightness to the hair and the oils from rosemary and nettle protect, soothe and clean the scalp.


These are only some of the “Shampoo Bars” from Lush. If you want to know more about them and which type will suit you and your hair the best, go to the nearest store and you will be consulted and advised so you can  make the right choice.

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