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If I have to summarize 2016 in one word, it would be love. Although it was difficult at times and I couldn’t wait it to end, it was a lovely year that left me speechless. I remember welcoming 2016 in London, where I met my grandfather, after nearly 10 years of separation. It was a very encouraging start. The first half of 2016 passed like a moment among many new friends, acquaintances, projects, meetings, trips, events and emotions. Then I immersed more seriously in preparation for my final exam at university, which I successfully passed and completed my Bachelor’s degree. In addition, now I’m learning my dreamed Master’s degree. The end of the summer unexpectedly and without any plans took me to a whole new world – the internship in the Bulgarian fashion brand Other Theory, which subsequently turned into a job. While some people are waiting for the new year to bring their dream change and start for something new, I have made this change myself. A few weeks before 2017 I left my so dreamed job to start something new. Now I’m happier, more hopeful, more loved and more loving than ever.

Nearly three years ago Kalo and I created this blog like a joke, without a particular purpose or any expectations. However till this day I don’t regret anything because that’s the thing I always do with a smile on my face and a huge love in my heart. In 2017 I’m convinced to expect even greater success, more wonderful moments, trials and tribulations, but all that lies ahead, whether good or bad, makes me adore the life even more and more. Life is like a story that has a beginning and an end. It depends on us how we’ll live it. I choose it to be with a smile on my face, no matter what.


Dress – Love Moschino

Jewellery – Folli Follie

Shoes – Love Moschino

Bag – Folli Follie

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