In search for the perfect balance (part 2)


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I didn’t expect that Spain (or at least Costa Brava – the coastal area we were in) would be a place with so many comfortable conditions for sport like the most unique running allеy I’ve seen in my life, which was starting 10 meters from our hotel. And what a great inspiration from the sea air, the sound of the waves, the coastal palms that you overtake with every step and the many other people like you who are training early in the morning, afternoon, evening – all the time. It was like a virus in the air and everyone was infected and went out to move a little, no one was just relaxing on the beach. In our little town of Calella, at the time we were there, IRONMAN Barcelona was just beginning. (IRONMAN is more than the most challenging endurance event in the world, IRONMAN is a way of life – lifestyle, I don’t know if you’ve heard of it, but if it’s interesting to you,find out more and even sign up for it, here –

As I told you in the first part of this post, my mornings in Spain started with yoga practices, much more relaxed, but my afternoons ended with a little more cardio and more intense workout, combined with fat burning exercises that were separated of short superserts. (Honestly, I expected it to be the opposite, at least I was used to it – at the morning – cardio and at the evening – something more relaxed, but overall the idea of ​​this holiday in Spain was to take advantage of the place – the beach, the nature, the climate, the sun and it did not allow us to practice yoga afternoons on the beach, it was too tiring for most people and cardio training was my own initiative.) The supersets are perhaps my favorite way of training because they are an excellent way to do your workout as short as possible (it is ideally solved when you are on vacation), at the same time keeping it really intense and effective. Respectively save time, but nevertheless burn fat. So I’m sharing with you my 6 exercises, which I performed for 1 minute each. Then you can afford 1 minute rest and try to repeat this round of exercises at least 4 times with a short break between the sets.

It’s very important to prepare well:

1. It’s unnecessary to mention that you shouldn’t eat before a workout for at least 1-2 hours (the best workout is when you’re hungry, you can drink only one coffee – 40/45 minutes before for tonus).

2. The right work out outfit is also extremely important. My training location was outside, so I check the weather forecast before I choose a qualified work out outfit. I chose a very comfortable top that allowed my skin to breathe all the time and a 7/8 leggings in unison with the waves from Lcwaikiki. Yes, they have a sporty series at super good prices.

3. For my sport shoes I bet the most reliable and good I’ve ever tested – Reebok Speed TR. In my baggage I only had room for 1 pair and I knew that Reebok Speed TR wouldn’t betray me, whatever I did. It’s a shoe that confidently assists in all forms of workouts in the hall and outside. Its upper part is made of friction-resistant fabric and at the same time it’s light and breathable. It was perfect for my holiday place, I felt it very nicely on my feet without getting hot. The flat sole ensures that the foot is tightly attached to the ground and I always have the necessary safety in all the exercises involving weights – squats, jogging, etc. You can see it in action in the exercises above.

4. Do not overwhelm yourselves, don’t do more than what your body allows and can bear in order not to cause unnecessary injuries, then you will very hardly recover, you will lose the rhythm, time, shape and you may even give up. This happened to me two years ago, when I overdid it with the dregs and the weights and my knees began to hurt too much.


Shoes –  Reebok Speed TR

Top and leggings – Lcwaikiki






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