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If you want to go somewhere far away, go with someone else, so you don’t be bored where you go. It’s more real and different when you show the others the beauty that your eyes see. When shared it’s even sweeter, I guarantee it to you. Naively or not, there are no foreign lands, only travelers who are foreign or it just sounds better like this. So, on our own territory, we didn’t find ourselves in Africa, but again with desire to create something different we brought it (Africa) here among us. Just as Miguel de Cervantes and his amazing character – Don Quixote who always faced the ideals and dreams of reality and madness, but I loved him especially for that. And that’s why I dream again and the dreams come true, I replace them with new ones so they are not empty and lonely.

I chose “SAFARI” as the title of this project because I was looking for a word that is synonymous with a summer escape from reality, to have a history and perspective for a new beginning, to conceal emptiness and grandeur in itself. Odd or rather expected, but for me “SAFARI” is already a synonym for friendship. A word that flashes in the night sky as a signaling rocket in the hope of being remembered. The place where we crowned it, but this time with pics that one day and even now I will remember and show to others. I hope to remember the feeling that always burns inside me before and during any such project. I love it and I can’t live without it, just like BECAUSE IT’S YOU and STRONGER WITH YOU can’t be without each other, like a cup in a desert that you have to constantly fill with water to quench its thirst. For these moments in life which we adore, which make us addicted and which can always transform any situation into a positive one and enjoy it more and more.


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Photo – Kaloyan Hristov

Set design – P.S. Celebrate

Furniture – Sofia Design District

Dress 1 – REDValentino от Trend box

Dress 2 – Weekend Max Mara от MDL

Pants and Blouse – Sportmax и Sportmax

Jewelry – Element store

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