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Hello friends! Autumn is felt not only among the beautiful brown tones that the trees’ crowns have, the hot cappuccino with cinnamon flavor and the layers of clothing that now we are free to experiment with, but also in my damaged hair. Unfortunately, the summer has left its scars on her and in order to prepare it for the fall I decided to undergo the usual for this time of year repair procedure at Tino hair&nails, but this time with the last series of Pro Fiber – Re-Create for fine and damaged hair as mine.

1. The procedure consists of several easy and very pleasant and pampering steps. We start with a diagnosis of the hair and answering a few easy questions so that the diagnose is more accurate and the extent of damage of the hair can be  determined.

99114 991152. Then we move on to the washing with Re-create hair care shampoo – ideal for fine and damaged hair as mine. After the first wash of my hair I feel it more vibrant, soft and nourished with enhanced volume without weighing it down unnecessarily.
99116 991173. After washing with the shampoo a mask should be applied, which is activated with a special serum at the hair salon. The active combination is incubated for 5 minutes and after washing it comes my favorite part – the hair dryer and hair styling.99118 99119 9911399120

Tino told me to use the shampoo in combination with conditioner (Re-create hair care conditioner) every time. On every fourth washing I can add the ampoules with APTIL – Re-charge booster, which replace the traditional mask or conditioner. One word of advice, it’s nice to use the ampoule only along (avoid the root) the hair and thoroughly wash your hair (you can even with a shampoo) because the ampoule is stronger than the conditioner and may unnecessarily aggravate your hair.

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