Prison Break


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Black and white “prison” stripe is the most popular trend which I have ever liked. I adore it when it comes out to shirt, pants and dresses. Almost every big fashion brands are counting on the retro combination (black and white) in their collections. The dark and bright horizontal lines can be seen literally everywhere – from socks to underwear to a gorgeous night dress or slim pants.

Now I will give the credits to my shirt (by Zara), which is a vertical stripe type and brings the fashionable spirit and characterizing the spring-summer look. The interesting thing about this model is that it is asymmetric and the back is almost all black. The fabric is very light which makes it suitable for spring and summer. I think there is no need even for a necklace or a big accessory to the outfit because the look is simpler and catches the eyes.

Overall, you can see the stripes on almost every clothing, bag, shoes or accessory. It is better if you have only one element of stripe garment for the outfit. For example – striped shirt, one colored pants, simple shoes and a big bad – it would look amazing.

How would you combine the stripes, mints?

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