Pre-Christmas trip, gifts and many emotions…


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The snow of our dreams is still missing to finish the winter fairy tale and I’m a bit sad from that. Like every year, especially in the end, Kalo and I decided to give us a little tour of Bulgaria before the holidays. We wanted to take a break from the everyday stress and to celebrate in our own way our successful year and to set new goals for the next 2017. Somehow I have the feeling that the new year will be very fruitful and memorable.

We booked a great cottage in a forest around Garmen, near Gotse Delchev and Leshten. After we settled and passed some time, we realized that without good internet and cable TV, we can be even more productive. I began to wrap gifts for the upcoming holidays and Kalo walked around to select firewood. After we lit the fire I started preparing something delicious in the kitchen with Frank Sinatra in the background and the time for dinner quickly came accompanied with a nice movie.

Speaking of gifts, this year I almost left them for the last minute because I wanted to take something for everyone before I started to pack them up. I have chosen this year various surprises and as most practical were a set of an epilator and a face brush for mom by Braun, cosmetic kits from Vichy and Moroccanoil for the other ladies of the family who proved to more picky in choosing brands than me myself. For the men part of the family I have prepared some things for the care of the beard like beard trimmer, a sweet set from Wilkinson, cool beer mugs and a sexy surprise by Tommy Hilfiger. For Kalo surprises are the most, some already known, but others aren’t even expected. The Christmas gift set “for him” from Chez Fefe is already eaten and “for her” with Beti hand mades, that I gave to myself, too. I couldn’t simply resist! The surprises and presents don’t stop here, but let’s get back to the little trip.

After wrapping the presents the next morning we headed to Gotse Delchev to see my grandmother. After that we decided to stop at Leshten – а terribly beautiful place that I recommend you to visit at any time of the year. The landscape that opens is great and is suitable for photographing any type of subject. There is full of lovely guest houses and inns (I recommend you the fried slices with homemade wild strawberries and homemade herbal tea with honey at the tavern at beginning of the city).

Тhose few days passed quickly and I should end this article, because after a while we should come back to Sofia, where so many preparations for Christmas and gifts are waiting for us. I love Christmas, I love the gifts and the emotions that they contribute to the holiday. I wish every day of the next year people to be so smiling as in Christmas and in those special moments when families are together. Perhaps this is one of my biggest wishes. What’s your wishes and what do you expect from the new 2017?

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