Is it possible to shoot a fashion blog post only with the phone camera?


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With my beloved “Instagram husband” we checked this out and tested the latest Samsung Galaxy S9 + (the most up-to-date smartphone by now) and I’m sure the results will be very interesting for you… We both left our comfort zone, especially Kalo, who has a camera that has already merged with his hand. We will share a little more about the process after shooting(one of your most frequently asked questions), as well as an example before and after the process with Photoshop (from Kalo) or VSCO (from me). The difference is enormous and has a big influence on the end result, at least in my opinion , of course. So let’s start!

Advantages and disadvantages of shooting with a phone

Compact, fast and convenient! I’ve heard from friends that when a photographer directs a large DSLR camera against them they feel super awkward, stiff and don’t want to be photographed and when they shoot only with a phone it’s much easier and enjoyable, they are more natural. I personally can’t understand this because I have overcome this kind of barrier with the discomfort in front of the camera (but still I’m a photographer’s wife) and whether I look well or not on a photo – I really don’t care, I always relax, whatever comes out the important thing is to feel good in the end.

Of course, I can’t deny the biggest advantage of taking pictures with a phone – it’s more convenient, faster and you don’t miss moments, everything is at your fingertips, it’s not so obvious and the one you are photographing feels better.

But does it restrict you or not? The biggest drawback in shooting with a smartphone so far for me was that the photos on the smartphone didn’t contain enough raw information (RAW) -the ability to adjust the device to the specific situation (unlike the DSLR cameras) and didn’t allow you to get the best of the shot processing. However, the technologies are seriously developing and now you can control things even when you shooting with the phone. The lens of the new Galaxy S9 + features aperture F1.5 and F2.4 for brighter and cleaner shots in the dark as well as definitely better focus and bokeh. But the best one, according to Kalo, is that it has its own raw format, available in PRO mode, which allows you to use the necessary “information” from the pic, which you can’t get from the usual jpg format.

In this regard, I want to show you how we process our photos afterwards. I give you an example of a really raw shot before and after Kalo’s Photoshop retouch. Do you see the details in the sky that we were able to get on the pic? This is thanks to this raw format, which I told you about above. The rest is a balance between light, saturation and colors. If you are more interested in processing details… Kalo and I can make a video about the topic because this theme is very wide..?

I’m sharing with you an example of how I process my pic (only with VSCO) and the same pic through Kalo’s eyes. The biggest mistake or rather a flaw in this type of processing (VSCO only) is that whatever we make as corrections they automatically apply to the whole pic and if a filter looks good for the sky, then on our skin it may not be as good, that if we want to make a single part lighter, then VSCO lightens the whole pic and we can easily lose the details, “burn” some parts and so on. You know!? So look at the details in the sky that I lost during my processing compared to Kalo’s pic…

The smartphone actually performs quite well and we managed to shoot the pics that we wanted, without any problems, despite the poor weather and limited light. It also has other interesting sweet features such as the AR emoji (the camera that makes you into an emoji, to be different from the others, is really cool) and Super Slow-mo (super slow motion, 960 frames per second) that looks pretty promising, but we haven’t been able to test that much…

In my opinion professional photographers can never abandon their professional cameras and recognize such a device (as the Samsung Galaxy S9+) as good (I live with one and I know this well) but for normal people and amateur photographers like us (I consider myself as such) these devices do more than perfect work and if you manage to take advantage of the benefits that this device offers, you can achieve great results, I think.

So if you are a blogger and you are starting to do this, my advice is not to invest in such pricey technology as a professional camera and lenses (they often collect dust if your purchase was only due to the fact that you’ve seen that other people are shooting with a DSLR, so you think that you should too), you can safely shoot with a good smartphone at first, there are many examples of successful bloggers with smartphone pics. And only when you feel the lack of a function and the need to move to the next level, because something is not enough for you, then it’s worth investing, because your purchase will be well-thought out.


Hat and glasses – Parfois

Boots – Ingiliz

Pants – H&M STUDIO S/S 2018

Shirt – Other Theory

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