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I’m writing this post from a location farther than usual, by the fire which Kalo lit to warm me up. Our first fire. The night is so quiet here in the mountains. I hear my thoughts as if I have an interlocutor beside me. Crickets and other wild animals are the only sounds around and I prefer to be just a listener, it’s so relaxing, casual and free.

Every clash with the new, every adventure and journey leave you with traces that change you inevitably. To touch the unknown, to see and feel, to face your inner self – it’s up to you.

I love to write these posts right where I am, while I’m going through them. Energy and words are most powerful exactly when you live the moment. I try to not let it go, but to build it as part of me. It’s hard to feel through the words, that’s why I call you to live, risk and accept the new challenges with more open arms, you will understand what I mean.

Today is our last night on this enchanting place. We know that fairy tales do not exist, but we also know how they are born – from those moments in which we truly live and we dare to dream, boundlessly.

We are alone in a radius of kilometers in the company of two four-legged frends with German ancestry, with whom we have exchanged our trust since the first day. With them you realize that words are not enough at all and presence and casual love is the power that brings us closer, even from the first glance and moment.

Complexity is not for the living. I always knew that the less we know about each other – the more real and valuable we live, don’t we? What are the thousands of languages for when we can speak in that language – LOVE, streaming from our eyes, which is the “weapon” of our immortality.

On the background sounds Abel Korzeniowski with his beautiful works. Kalo sometimes gets nervous and wonders why I listen mostly to this “melancholy” music. But he often says he loves everything in me, even the most irritating things that make him mad. There is a slight dilemma, don’t you think?

Yesterday he woke me up at 3:00 o’clock in the morning when he opened the small window above our heads because once again I had turned on all the stoves in the house. He and my love for warmth revealed to me the most beautiful view that a window has ever revealed to me. I had never seen before the sky so pure, the stars so bright and so many and the silence so soothing. That evening I was preparing for my exam at university and I read an interesting case for Windows and their extravagant marketing advertising program in 1995. In one of their campaigns in Poland the company plunged several journalists into a submarine to show them what life would be like “In a world without Windows”. We now have Windows10 which gives us the freedom to be wherever we want, even virtually, while thousands of real windows reveal astonishing views every day, but do we have eyes and the desire to see and feel them?

The location of this tale is Pamporovo and our home was one villa of complex Malina. Without much vanity and preparation we just walked away because we needed this silence and rest from the big city.

I was dreaming to wake up in the midst of silence and light divine. We left the coffee and got a lot of tea. What is a mountain hut without the morning scent of herbs, refreshing hint of lemon and lime honey from Shiroka Luka?

I decided to start a light detox program with French Secret tea in order to remove from my body all harmful substances and toxins. It is recommended when you start the program to move a lot in fresh air and I think I have set a good start.

This post became much longer than expected. And I wanted to tell and show you so many more things, but now I have to start preparing for our new adventure. After a few days we are heading for London, and we will create a new story for you again. Now, I leave you to enjoy the rest of this short mountain trip.

And if someone has an interest Kalo says for you…

“As many of you have been asking us about the device we used in the video, I’ll tell you a bit about its operating system and what we use it for.

I personally work with two operating systems (iOS and Windows), but I mostly use Windows for work because most of my video and photo processing programs are best optimized for this system. Most plugins are widely supported by Windows (at least those I use and are comfortable for me). Recently, the same programs have made some good improvements in the form of updates for the new Windows 10, where the software runs much smoother and faster. Therefore, besides a desktop computer, I also decided to take the Lenovo Yoga 720, which comes with the W10, a portable laptop that turns into a tablet, so I can do my work at distance. I get used to the vision of the new Windows10 (at home I’m still with Windows7), but at one point you understand that everything is pretty well done, as a way of ordering, designing and intention. We all know the jokes about Internet Explorer and that everything is happening with a “years” delay. It was hard for me to try, but their new Edge browser works great, even saving from the laptop battery and its design is great, I like it more than Chrome. One of its coolest features is that you can draw directly on the web page and mark/highlight a variety of things while reading something. I often paint a mustache, with the pen, of some people while browsing …

I don’t like to write passwords, so I often use fingerprints (Lenovo Yoga 720’s is in the lower right corner) like on phones. In addition, the new “Hello” feature from Windows is very craftily invented. Whether day or night, from the moment you open the laptop, it scans your face and knows that you are the owner and unlocks itself, no passwords, no fingerprints, outsiders can’t access it, which for most of us is really important. Often in my studio I use an external monitor while I take pictures to view it in real-time. Folding the laptop in a position like a tablet is now much more comfortable because it gives me the compactness and the ability to manage everything with just a finger on a big and great display (resolution and size is incredible in this model). In fact, it’s really comfortable because you don’t have to wear an external mouse when you decide to process a picture or video on a computer, just move the sliders with your finger or pen, it’s terribly precise and very convenient.

The laptop is available in several variants and I personally chose the one with the best parameters because I’m working with heavy video files. And yes, there is no 4K delay/lag and the monitor at least for me is one of the best on the market at the moment.

Why not the MacBook? I love the MacBook, we even have a few more Apple devices at home, but it’s never been a good choice for me for work, seriously. It’s very small for work, I have to bring portable hard drives, because it just never has enough place and everything around me is in cables. For coffee and something small and handy – it’s the perfect choice.

I love to have freedom, to have something new, to keep track of and to facilitate my work, so my choice at least at this stage remains Windows and in this case Windows 10 as a whole. More information about the product and Windows can be found here. I hope I’ve been useful to you!”


Vest – Reserved

Shirt – Zara

Shoes – Deichmann

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