Our “minimalistic wedding”


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Never before had I thought about how my wedding would look like one day. I’m not from the girls who dream to be brides with a dress like a princess in a crowded room with lots of guests and exquisite hors d’oeuvres. I’d rather be like the people who want to feel the moment now, without unnecessary vanity, simple as that, when the right time comes. I certainly know that I want my wedding to be somewhere next to water. I love to feel and see it around me, I also really need to hear it. It creates sense of harmony.

However, one person had a much clearer idea for our wedding than us. His name is Hristo Yordanov. He is only 16 years old and works with heart and verve for all beautiful things. Hristo invited us to be characters in his idea of “minimalistic wedding”. Without excessive makeup, with a dose of embarrassment (more on Kalo’s side, of course, he is a photographer and they hate being shot), much love and a great mood. If you are looking for ideas, inspiration or assistance for your special day – take a look at P.S. Celebrate. You may find it really useful.

Now I leave you to enjoy our “minimalistic wedding”. We hope to convey the feeling, the energy and the mood of this sunny day for a while in your home. Beautiful lovely week, friends!




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