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November is here and I can’t believe how strongly the Christmas mood has already overwhelmed me. I know, it’s too early, but this Christmas we’ll be at home with Kalo and I’m very enthusiastic about it. At this stage we decided to not celebrate such holidays so far from home. Last year we missed everything here while we were in London and also the year before it – in Dubrovnik. Somehow it’s quite different to be at home with your family, the harmony is complete. Everything has it’s charm and it’s time. Moreover our cat Bebo is now larger (a few days ago became 3 years old) and we can’t afford to have normal Christmas decorations and tree, hoping that he will not knock down and destroy everything as before. Hope dies last, right?

In the past few weeks a lot of things have happened so I don’t know where to start from. Every day I try to maneuver between my tasks at Other Theory, the magistracy at NBU and the blog. I managed to obtain a beautiful and intense symbiosis that is so interconnected that if only one piece of the puzzle is missing, it will break my whole created balance so far. At the university I make some interesting projects for various advertising campaigns and for the first time I really realize how much the blog has given to me and helped me as a way of thinking and working. Other Theory is also a big challenge with unique charm and a dose of creativity. By the way, don’t forget to check out our online store for new fashion recruits.

And now I leave you with our latest sea shots for this year with the smell of sea salt, a dose of nostalgia, but with a lot of charm and love!


Dress – Stefanel

Earrings – SIX

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