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Hello friends! I haven’t written a “beauty” article for a long time, but honestly I couldn’t find inspiration for it. During the last month I’ve tested for the first time Dr.Scheller and now I will share with you a little more about it. The truth is that I personally have never stopped in drugstores to examine more closely their products. Probably many of you didn’t know that there is such a brand or were prejudiced for some reason. It turned out that it was a big omission on my part because their products are with very decent prices and reflected great on my skin.

Cleaning – Dr.Scheller Pomegranate

The cleaning series with pomegranate extract, which I combined and have chosen for myself, include: natural cleansing milk for normal to dry skin, cleansing gel for normal to dry skin and natural water for all skin types. The entire series is 100% free of silicones, mineral oils and artificial coloring. I use the cleansing milk to remove the makeup mainly because it cleans it perfectly and don’t irritate my eyes. Then with a very small amount of the gel (which by the way is jellied and that makes it very economical) clean the face. I close with refreshing water, which prepares the skin for my last step – hydration.

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Hydration – Dr.Scheller Jojoba Oil & Schisandra

It is very important after cleaning to hydrate and calm well your skin. I selected and combined for myself another cosmetics series that includes: soothing intensive serum with jojoba oil and schisandra for sensitive skin and calming and moisturizing cream with jojoba oil and amla. This series is 100% free of silicones, mineral oils and artificial coloring too. I use the serum mostly in the evening because the skin remains slightly shiny and nourishes the skin from the outside in and the cream in the morning because it absorbs quickly and minimizes the redness.

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I have shared with you another time too that my skin is normal. For this I allowed myself a little more intensive cleaning and then deeper nourishment. Dr.Scheller offers a huge variety of products for every skin type (dry, oily, normal, sensitive and mixed) that can meet your every expectation and need. What are your impressions of the brand?

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