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There was no way to leave the “Lush” store with empty hands after my last visit to “The Mall”. Pleasantly surprised from the new suggestions of the brand, now I briefly present with you my natural and “handmade” products, as well as my personal impressions of them as a whole. Some products are great and typical for the brand, but others seemed not so good for me.

  • I begin with my two favorite new products for this season:

The face mask “Cup O’Coffee” is a real treasure for those of you who are addicted to the smell of coffee like me. This mask is very gentle to the face, easy to apply and wash and also has a light exfoliating effect.

Salted Coconut Scrub” is a hands scrub which I also use for my feet too. This scrub is very soft and leaves my skin nourished with slight aroma of coconut and lemon, which is not at all intrusive.


Ballistics or bath bombs are this fragrant treasure that made me fall in love with “Lush” some time ago. This was the first thing that I bought from the brand 3 years ago and from then I am really addicted. I’m a person who loves to sink in thoughts while I take a warm and fragrant bath. I prefer this type of bombs, because they dissolve much faster than the salts and they are so colorful. As soon as I put the ballistics in my bath it turned the water into glittery turquoise blue after a few minutes of mesmerising fizzing. How can I resist them?


Incredible aroma of citrus fruit yuzu, which is a hybrid of lemon and tangerine. I always liked the shower gels of the brand, because they are not the typical combinations that we used to see.  “Lush” often surprises me with some new fragrance that I haven’t even imagined can smell so good.


  • Not completely suitable products for me:

This time, the new hair products did not fully meet my expectations. I’ll start with the shampoo “Avocado Co Wash“, which is something like “balm wash”, because it is not as strong as shampoo and it’s for fine cleaning. It has a negative effect for me and further aggravates my hair.  I will probably nurture it to those of you who have a very dry hair, because it will probably nurture it.

The other product (“Queen Bee”), which is a type of hair crystal, is not suitable for my thin hair. I gave it to a friend who has a very dry and curly hair and she is absolutely in love. It gets the negative effect for me again and further aggravates my hair.  Otherwise there is a great aroma of honey and cocoa butter, which I adore.

The third product (“Tangled“) is soluble block on a stick, which easily turn into a hair mask. This product hasn’t disappointed me with the effect of the mask itself, but with the terribly small product which is received after the dissolution of the mask. I used it only once on my hair with which I couldn’t gain enough experience of it or see any visible effect.


Overall I’m pleased with the new products of “Lush”. I love the brand, its mission and idea as a whole. Several unsuccessful products wouldn’t make me turn my back on the brand again and again.

Who is your new favorite product of “Lush”?


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