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In the month of love I found an occasion and inspiration to tell you more about my red muses lately. More than once I have said and shown you that this color is my color in all its incarnation. I adore the power and charisma that it gives me, and it makes me feel alive and beautiful. Red is love. Love that makes you care primarily for yourself. When you love, spoil and respect yourself you can very easily give this love to the people around you. It’s like energy that arises primarily within you. You just give it a direction.

I like to feel the beauty. That’s why I look for inspiration for each of my senses. I look for beauty in everything around us. It loads me. It makes me dream. Beauty is definitely not symmetry. It would be very boring if it was. It is both chaos and balance.

My red muses don’t find many faces.

That’s why today I will focus only on two of them. I’ll begin with a new series of Kérastase – Aura Botanica, which is the embodiment of love, care and beauty in one place. The meeting begins with experience from the hairdressing salon. You fall in love at first sight, but this happens to me often in my meeting with them. More interesting is that a luxury brand like Kérastase dared to show something so different and unexpected because as you know they are well known with their scientific approach to hair care. However, this new series is a true love for you, to me, to those who created it and to nature. Because it’s natural, because it’s different, because it’s effective, because it’s fair and because it’s bold. Unexpectedly, the color for this natural series is red – the most difficult to find in nature. All packages are designed of red amber bottles and boxes made from 100% recycled plastic. Because care is love.

The other muse is sassy, bolder, expected and brighter.

Notes of cherry and pink pepper, the core blooms with rose, but only its red color. The base ends with woody patchouli and sweet vanilla. She’s Modern Muse Le Rouge Gloss. Stirs and creates memories. Some real some fictitious, but still memorable.

Often a fragrance creates a whole story about me. I experience something unforgettable, success or failure, kiss or separation, but it’s always with me and going through what I do. The fragrance is changing in sync with my pulse.

And which are the muses that inspire you?



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  • Ива
    September 25, 2017

    Първата рокля е уникална! Страхотна комбинация и стил, поздравления. Снимките са уникални, а парфюма ми е един от най-любимите ми аромати!

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