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I can’t believe how many of you have written to me about the latest article regarding beautiful and healthy skin, I received so much great advice and realized that it was actually useful for you to know my every day little steps for a more beautiful and fresh skin (if you missed this article part 1 – here’s a link to the post). Some of you found yourself in my words and others have been just on the opposite opinion, but never mind, I’m glad that a topic like this still brings me closer to you and gives me the opportunity to know you and understand what your thoughts are. That’s why I decided to continue the topic with part 2, maybe there will be part 3 or even 4, I don’t know yet, but today I will share with you more about my only serious problem that I have and still have with the skin on my face in the last year, what caused it and what measures I have taken. And I will be glad if you would share with me some tried and tested method and solution for such a problem?

The Sun – friend or enemy?

The sun, no matter how much I love it and adore how its rays reflect on my skin (ahhh, summer glow bronze skin…), I have begun to protect myself more seriously (now I always use a sun protection lotion with SPF 30 or SPF 50) and avoid the sun in the strongest hour, I only allow exposure to direct sunlight until 10 am – 11 am or after 4 pm in the afternoon for no more than 1-2 hours. Unfortunately I realized this lately because before that I was not so strict and spent days on the beach but this year I noticed on my face as if the first consequences of my excessive exposure to direct sunlight. At this stage, the problem is a small but visible network of broken capillaries on my face (particularly on my cheeks) and this was due to an anomaly of the venous system that didn’t function normally.

The preventive treatment is related to the limitation of disease-causing factors such as: temperature changes (I’ve avoid sauna and steam bath already), excessive exposure to UV rays, hot drinks, spicy food (I adore spicy food and I think I eat too much of it) and coffee. I can’t stop drinking coffee but I can drastically reduce the spicy foods and the UV rays.

I’m currently using an anti-age cream with a high sun protection (SPF 30) by Pharma Hyaluron with medical hyaluron complex. As a person who has never before had the habit of incorporating the sun protection in my daily care and I definitely fell in love from the first time I used this cream because it doesn’t leave a greasy layer on the skin at all, but rather slightly mattifies the skin, absorbs so quickly, hydrates the skin and prevents it from premature photoaging, which I’m very fond of. I apply а little quantity as a pea on my face, wait for a few minutes to fully absorb and start with my make-up for the day, sometimes I add a very small amount of the cream to my foundation for more protection (my foundation is with SPF 15 which is quite low protection).

The cream smells very tender and pleasant, as pure as a sea and baby in one (very strange comparison, but it just reminds me of that). The best thing is that it doesn’t contain preservatives and parabens and is currently on sale from 50 leva to 35 leva, which for 50 ml I think is a good price.

I have also used several nutritional supplements in recent months as Evening Primrose oil, which has the ability to improve the condition of the skin, hair and nails, Astaxanthin, which one of its benefits is to protect against sunburn and make the tan last longer (like sun protection care from the inside out), but it also has beneficial properties in many other aspects for which I’m not going to go into details right now. I order everything from because prices are significantly lower and the variety is huge.

Deep hydration!

It’s extremely important to nicely hydrate the skin with a problem like mine and I’m sure not only in this particular case. To drink lots of water I have mastered it, I have no problem with it, especially in the summer, but my skin needs more hydration. Over the last month I have overcome dehydration of my skin with my Vichy MINERAL 89 gel-booster, which contains 89% of thermal mineral water. Thanks to its high concentration of mineralizing water, the moisturizing gel-booster has a very fresh effect on my skin, moisturizes it gently and tonifies. Also present in this formula is hyaluronic acid of natural origin and 15 minerals. It feels very pleasantly and natural to the skin on my face (no aroma and color), it absorbs quickly and afterwards I apply my face cream, and sometimes I use the gel-booster as a base before makeup.

My first contact with the medical cosmetics as a teenager was exactly with Vichy, I remember that my mother had bought me a small scouring gel for black spots and a cream for the t-zone (I have no memory of which series they were), of course, appropriate then for my skin and I was super regular and strict in their use, I cleaned my face twice a day because I was very afraid to have skin problems and actually didn’t really, I was definitely lucky and I went through puberty without skin irritations, pimples and others.
Soon I will tell you more details about the care I use. Stay tuned!


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