If my morning routine could be presented in just one minute…


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The world could have been a much easier and tidy place if women didn’t waste their time with such style and astonishment like that, but that’s the part of our charm and charisma, isn’t it? I’m the queen of doing one thing, then another and other and finally merging them all into one. I even think I can write a book on “how to waste our time efficiently”. I’m a total chaos who is trying to control herself. Sometimes I find the balance. But imagine a world where women spend only one minute in the morning to look and feel awesome. How many other things we could do in the rest of time… I would have probably started to learn Spanish and finish the ancient languages ​which ​I started in high school and didn’t finish. Oh, and make all those cunning and practical things I’ve kept from Nifty’s page. Only how many “hidden storage projects” await me.

Unfortunately, one minute is never enough but you can find the perfect balance for you in the way you feel most comfortable and enjoyable. 1. For example, I always start my day with a shower (I don’t like to wash my hair in the evening because I’m tired afterwards but have to dry it, so I go to bed mostly with wet hair and it’s impossible to brush my hair in the morning, it’s terrible). 2. Then starts the ritual with coffee, which if I miss it will be only because I have a meeting in the morning and know that I will drink my coffee with someone else. 3. Really simple makeup, I don’t think I can do perfect makeup (I count on Boryana and Nadia when we talk about makeup professionals) and so I don’t want to overdo it. The less – the less chance of mistakes. 4. “The outfit of the day” or where most people lose most of their time is the easiest thing for me because I have minimized my choice – only the most important, basic elements I need. I follow a certain color scheme, which I noticed that I generally wear and prefer and accordingly get rid of everything else unnecessarily.

5. The hair is the thing which I always leave for the finale because I prepare it right before I go out. You know I adore curly hair and people always want what they don’t have. Of course, I’m with totally straight hair and I want it to be slightly curly, but more natural and casually curly, I’m not a fan of the big curls like you’re just came out of the hair salon. That’s why I recently tested a new lazy and easy solution for people who have no time and opportunity to take off their curls – Philips’s new Auto Curler. I was pretty reserved at first because I’m a fan of the classic curler (with 32mm large barrel), I’m with two left hands too and I didn’t think I would get it with the Auto Curler, but it’s so much easier and faster, it takes me about 10 minutes for all of my hair because it can pick up bigger hair strands if you want a more casual effect like me. There is absolutely no risk to tangle your hair (I know this is the first thing that disturbs you when looking at the Auto Curler, but you see what happens with your hair, it has a small gap and it’s even safer than a classic curler in my opinion, because it turns off if you are doing something wrong and didn’t hold your hair properly). There are even several ways to curl (in and out), varying degrees and time. I’m curling my hair on 210 degrees in 12 seconds. Then I lightly brush the curls with my fingers and I’m ready to meet the new day.

And I promised you to show you the Auto Curler in action, so enjoy my morning routine through Kalo’s eyes…


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