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Every year I “get rid” of what I haven’t worn and used throughout the past one, with the goal of not being surrounded by unnecessary things. I like the idea of not binding myself with material stuff and easily giving a chance to something new. Along the blog I learned not to blindly follow the trends and stick to the idea of a capsular wardrobe. This year I created a personal style that is literally limited to a few basic colors that are present in my wardrobe and I don’t cheat on my choice. I’m sure you also noticed this change, but in this post I’d rather present you with some useful ideas about what we can do with the clothes and accessories we no longer carry.

Sell them to any of the online shopping sites or groups!

If you have less stuff and more time – cool! But for me the things are not exactly like this. Terribly annoying for me is to shoot, process, describe and upload announcements. It’s even more annoying for me to prepare and send shipments only for someone to return them because the size is not the exact one , and I pay for the delivery for everything, as that has not happened before. But my favorite one is when someone decides to abandon the shipment, but it has already been sent and suddenly the person stops answering my messages or picking up the phone. I’m done with this bitter practice for a year and a half and I admit that I got cluttered with unnecessary things.

Donate them or exchange them!

In fact, it’s not so simple and easy to take clothes and donate them to some orphanage or to people in need because no one will accept them just like that. But there are many initiatives that collect clothes especially and everything that is needed for people in need, you just have to ask and look for something up-to-date which is now. I’m including myself each year in the initiative of Telenor (was in practice even from GLOBUL), which is internal (only among employees, but my dad worked there for many years) and I have given a second chance and a new life to all my toys and clothes from my childhood and school years.

Exchange is a very cool decision if you don’t want to make money from your old “favorites” and just want to refresh your wardrobe. A good reason to get together with your friends and for every one of them to see each needless thing there is and is ready to be exchanged. “Garbage for one is a treasure for another”, right?

Remix bag

Ipsy was the first one to tell me more about her successful experience with Remix Bag and I decided to give it a try to. A pretty lazy decision, but at the same time pretty good for me now because it helps me cope with everything has disappointed me so far – shoot photos, describe, upload announcements and send shipments. You can easily order a Remix bag from the Remix site, it will come for free to the address you specify, you have enough time to fill it with what you want to sell (believe me, it holds a lot) and send it back to Remix. The returning is free of charge. Then you can easily observe what happens to your stuff on your Remix profile. Don’t take Remix as a site where you can easily make a lot of money for things you’ve already worn, but rather as an opportunity to give your clothes a second life and turn them into fashionable finds for someone else with the opportunity to even make money from this.

The things that are not sold go to the “Remix Green Cause” and again prolong their lives, which is great, but there is an option to get them back to you, but you should note this in advance.

I don’t want to enter into extra detail how much money you can make out of it (there is a sample calculator on the site if you are interested) because it depends entirely on the things you have sent and is super strictly individual. There is no way you can expect Remix not to take a percentage for the service they offer you, but you do not lose anything, you can only save time and even money.


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