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Lately it has become fashionable to underestimate ourselves, our talents and surrounding opportunities. It seems that a new trend literally replaces words like “I can”, “I know”, “will become” with “not now”, “not here,” “another time”, “no sense” like a newly-hatched mobile application trying to erase the courage and essence of us. Or so I thought… until now.

Over the years I began to understand that success comes only when you stop for a moment, look around and realize that you live in what you do. When you love it. When you dream it. When you change your way of thinking, when you realize that anything is possible, even here, where careers like “fashion”, “blogger”, “designer” are mainly perceived as nonexistent type.

I grew up a bit more and started to “look around”. Everywhere. What I saw didn’t scare me. It motivated me. I saw and met young, creative and real people, doing what they love, here in defiance of everyone and everything. They shatter to pieces the clichés that here in Bulgaria nothing can be achieved.

Only two years ago, when we started this blog, we were few. Now we are a dozen. We will be hundreds. Now it’s a little different, you feel it, right?

I want to believe that there is nothing to break us, us and our future generations. I like the idea of seeing Bulgarian names on the “Red Carpet”, the world’s catwalks, fashion labels in the world-famous magazines and on the biggest sites.

In the recent months one of my biggest inspirations was Ivanka Hristova – a young girl who immediately agreed to shoot together with us and allowed me to touch closely her art. Because it’s inspired from Bulgaria, because it’s beautiful, because it’s astonishing, because it’s true. Currently Ivanka is a little farther away from us, but she “carries” the Bulgarian tradition with her.

We have been considering a long time where to shoot part of this collection. It deserved something special and we chose the mountain. Over 40 days we couldn’t find a suitable gap in time to make this session. It was gray, it was -20 degrees, cold, in avalanche terrain, without sunshine, without mobile coverage in places and with enveloping snow to the waist. Several failed attempts and lost hours in preparation. It seemed disappointingly impossible, but we wanted to do it. Somehow we didn’t want to give up. And when the another snow storm passed – the sun shone, as simple as that…

It always can be.
It depends on us.

#MADEINBULGARIA from kaloyanhristov on Vimeo.


Clothes –  Ivanka Hristova

Boots – GIDO

Makeup – Boryana Stefanova

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