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For a long time I haven’t written a “beauty” post and behold it is time to tell you a bit more about my new hair set (also known as a “ritual” for hair), which I had the opportunity to test in the last one month. The products are from the new series of “Kérastase Chronologiste” – “masterpiece of hair and scalp revitalization” and consists of 4 simple and very pleasant steps:


1. Renewing exfoliant
2. Revitalizing bath – shampoo
3. Revitalizing Cream – mask
4. Perfume oil for hair – crystals


1. Renewing exfoliant/ 200 ml.
To be honest, at first I was very prejudiced and reserved for this exfoliant. I thought it would dry or hurt my scalp. I was in absolute error and I am glad that I dared to try something new. The very fine and rich texture of the gold particles gently cleans the skin of my head without hurting it. I apply it to my hair with light massaging movements until I get light foam.

2. Revitalizing bath – shampoo/ 250 ml.
After I have rinsed the exfoliant from my hair it’s time for the shampoo, which is very economical by the way. It makes rich foam even with a very small amount and it has a lovely aroma too. Since the exfoliant has removed the most of the dirt on the scalp, only one coating of shampoo is absolutely enough to wash your hair well.

3. Revitalizing Cream – mask/ 200ml.
The mask always turns to be my favorite thing and I always run out of it first, because as you have noticed I often curl my hair and sometimes I need a really deep nourishment to brush my hair. I use the mask only for the length of my hair because it is thin and loses it’s volume very easily.

4. Perfume oil for hair – crystals/ 125ml.
The most pleasant scent I’ve ever felt! I use the crystals only at the ends to nurture them. Extremely lightweight formula that is not oily, but at the same time softens and strengthens my hair. The crystals in combination with the hair mask are my only salvation without which I can’t brush my hair.

Overall, I am fascinated by the whole set – “Chronologiste“, but I didn’t have any doubts about it. “Kérastase” is the highest class by the family of “L’Oreal” and I can boldly say that is the best care of my hair that I have used this year. Perhaps the secret lies in abyssinia – a molecule that is extracted from deep sea volcanic rocks in the Pacific, but I really feel my hair more nourished and revitalized. The only drawback is the price of the entire set, which is relatively high. But I think if you make a good combination with other hair products, as I do, you can easily use “Kérastase” for three months. Moreover, it is very economical.

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I’ll be glad to know what was the best hair care that you have used this year, friends?

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