La baguette! – Kiffles with almonds and cinnamon


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With coming autumn I get nostalgic. I open all the cabinets at home and rearrange them again and again… collect memories, tastes and flavors. In such an autumn day, I came across a diary from three years ago, where I  writed two recipies dictated on Skype by my mother. One was for “kurabii” a traditional bulgarian cookies and other was for ”kiffles” a pastry made usually in balcanic and austro-hungarian cuisine. I quickly checked whether I had all the ingredients needed and I started with kiffles. When I was little, my mum often made them for  Saturday breakfast, she waked up  earlier and when I got up  after already in the whole home there was that savor wich I can not describe with words. My mother made kiffles filled with hip jam, wich is very used in Bulgaria, so as you cam immagine they finished immediately. I share with you the recipie of my mum’ kiffles but with some modifications that I do.

Ingredients for the pastry:

-200 gr. white flour

-200gr. wholegrain flower

-3 eggs

-100gr. butter

-100gr. brown sugar

-100gr. almond milk

-5gr. bio baking powder

-5gr. natural bourbon vanilla

Blend the eggs, sugar, almond milk and butter, previously melted at very low heat. Then add vanilla, flour and baking powder. Obtaine a soft dough, which should not stick between your fingers, if the dough is too soft and difficult to work, leave it for 10 min. in the fridge, in that way the butter in the dough will get solid again and will be easier to make the kiffles.

Divide the dough in two parts, from wich you have to make two circules and then cut them into triangles of which made the kiffles after.


For the filling:

-100 g. ground almonds

-100 g brown sugar

-50 g. cinnamon

-10ml. orange blossom water (you can find in Lebanese shops, personally I bought it from the ethnic stores in str. Hristo Botev in Sofia)

At the beginning of the triangles put about a teaspoon of the filling and roll up into kiffles, in the same way you can roll up croissants which recipie I will share with you soon. Bake at 180/200 degrees for about 15 minutes. Then brush an egg yolk on the crust, sprinkle with sugar and bake until they are ready (about 10 min). Serve with  green or white tea.

Life is so beautiful, enjoy it! : )



Savina Nikolova

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